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Eradicate Vitamin D deficiencies

  • You can’t beat the price. It’s really affordable, so no excuse if you’re lacking in Vitamin D.
  • You can’t really tell the physical progress once you’re supplementing with this, you just have go to have faith that it does.
  • I would rather pay a few bucks to have a complete peace of mind rather than not taking it and suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies. But be careful not to overdose.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

21st Century Health Care D-1000 D3 Extra Strength

Editor’s Review

It sounds good to have supplements that ensure a better future for yourself, that build you a stronger body for the years to come. Concerns like de-mineralization and very real threats like osteoporosis are on everyone’s mind nowadays. You need a supplement containing active ingredients with real potency to prevent such troubles.

The Product

21st Century Health Care advances D-1000, D3, Extra Strength dietary supplement to provide the much-needed key support for healthy bones. It is not only for stronger bones, but also for a better immune system. The formula is enhanced with Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) for optimal absorption and penetration. The other ingredients one may be interested in are the magnesium stearate, stearic acid, silicon dioxide and cellulose. It contains no gluten and is also free of sugars, artificial flavoring or preservatives. All the ingredients contained are pure.


The normal retail price for the 21st Century Health Care D-1000, D3 is at about $6, but active promotions may make it much lower than that, which is spectacular for a packaged quantity of 110 tablets (with 10 more than it previously had, offered for free now). 1 tablet is considered the serving size. Adults may take one single tablet a day. It’s best to take it during a meal to maximize the results. However, your healthcare provider might suggest otherwise, in that case being best to listen to their advice.


There is not much to say about this, since it’s a supplement in pill form that must be taken with water. Thanks to the now smaller size of these tablets, they are much easier to swallow. As a word of caution, be sure to never increase the dosage by yourself. Overdosing on minerals could be harmful – some are simply excreted by the systems, but others, like calcium, may lead to creating different harmful formations within the body.


Vitamin D aids Calcium absorption and its benefits have been praised incessantly. This is a great supplement for those who live in areas with low natural light or who cannot spend much time outdoors. It means you will not depend on the weather to get the calcium where it is needed. Besides, Vitamin D is in impressive amounts here, a serving being more than enough to provide the daily necessary amount. However, the calcium value is rather low, which means you will have to take this mineral from your diet (preferably) or from other supplements. This was not intended as a calcium supplement, so do not get that idea. It is all about the Vitamin D, which makes calcium absorption possible. You may not notice its effectiveness right away or anytime soon, but in time it will become obvious.

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