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Tasty casein that prolongs your protein release

  • I am amazed casein can taste this good. They really invested in their R&D and taste testing
  • Slight clumping but nothing to worry about
  • The pricing could be better

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

ALLMAX Nutrition CaseinFX Ultra-Slow Release Protein

Editor’s Review

A whole new range of protein supplements has emerged. It is represented by products engineered for optimal absorption, also with a better timing, so every stage of muscle build and repair can benefit from adequate amino acid supply.

The Product

CaseinFX, Ultra-Slow Release Protein by ALLMAX Nutrition is not only a potent protein supplement but also one with a very slow release during the day. The product is based on scientific innovation and stands out through the BioCore Edge – a patented enzyme-activated protein delivery system. To reach your fitness nutrition goals, you get 25 g protein per serving; CaseinFX is low in carbs and has no fat. It’s not all about nutrition, however – it’s about how it’s done and the way it acts in time. Thus, CaseinFX limits the effects of stress in muscles and prevents breakdown processes.


CaseinFx comes in large containers of 2.27 kg or 80 oz at the discounted price of SG$111 from a hefty SG$155.

Taste and Mixability

The fine and easily mixed powder has a rich Chocolate taste, created with a mixture of natural and artificial flavorings. Drink one serving with a glass of water or with any kind of milk you like.


CaseinFX Ultra-slow Release Protein is the supplement you can reach for when you need to supply your muscles with must-have nutrients. No matter at which time of the day you consume it, it is like food for your muscles and it brings you amino acids for a long period of time, to use as needed inside the tissue. The product is based on Micellar Casein of great purity, as well as Calcium Caseinate. Due to its timed release, the slowly released protein digestion takes up to 7 hours. The result is increased protein synthesis and limited muscle breakdown as the tissue is being fed constantly, thanks to the high bioavailability.

The formula also contains Glutamine, Glycine, Taurine, as well as more ingredients for muscular growth and rapid healing. The enzyme complex improves protein absorption, resulting in better gains. You can take it early in the morning, right after a training session or at night. Consuming this product with regularity can significantly speed up muscle growth, without making your system feel heavy.

CaseinFX is an excellent helper in times when you can’t have a meal high in protein content. When you take it right before you sleep, you can rest assured that your body will be using its amino acids during the night instead of being deprived. You can thus make sure there is no loss – only gains. Note that one serving counts 120 calories. The product is not suitable for weight reduction or as a meal substitute.

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