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Optimize your recovery with API Glutamine Powder

  • Refined high grade glutamine, I had no issue with the mixability.
  • Reduced my soreness especially after Leg Day.
  • Affordable pricing. Buy it without breaking the bank.
  • I seem to recover faster after my workout.

Duration length of product testing: 8 weeks

API Glutamine Powder

Editor’s Review

Glutamine is the most copious amino acid in the body. Despite its abundance, this important nutrient is quickly used up by muscle tissue, more so when the latter is put through intense activity. For someone who frequents the weight room, the levels are altogether depleted after a thorough workout.

Diet alone is insufficient to replenish these lost amounts. Because it is critical for the active person to have their levels restocked in time for the next activity, there is the need to supplement. API Glutamine Powder is one of the best you can find.

Product Features

Formulated to provide glutamine in the most easily available, most effortlessly utilized form, API’s Glutamine supplement is above others in the class. It increases muscle cell volume, making your mass gains more visible. It also helps in muscle recovery, enabling you to be well rested and ready for your next intensive strength training session. While workout does have a positive effect on the immune system, the supplement adds to those effects as well.

Stimulate Human Growth Hormone

Derived from the most consistent source, API Glutamine powder delivers an incessant anabolic state that encourages muscle hypertrophy. Together with its stimulation of human growth hormone production, gains in size are guaranteed.

Add It to Any Beverage

Without any flavor additions, you can add the powder to your chosen beverage. One serving of 5 grams per day should suffice for the inactive person. For the regular lifter, twice that amount is recommended. 15g is sometimes indicated for those who are very active, such as diehard bodybuilders who work out twice a day.

Glutamine is among the critical supplements that you must have if you want to defy your present size limits and add on lean muscle mass. And with API’s offering, you are guaranteed an unadulterated source of this amino acid in a form that is easily utilized.

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