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Attain a lengthy pump with this pre-workout

  • I had considerable pump while I’m on this.
  • Focus wise it was so-so. I tried doubling my serving and I had more focus.
  • No crashes experienced.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush

Editor’s Review

There are very few formulas to intensify workouts through a boost of Nitric Oxide. Betancourt Nutrition has produced one of such and has based it on a “super set” structure. With quick effects on the testosterone production, these supplements can be a precious aid in a tough bodybuilding routine.

The Product

Bullnox Androrush produced by Betancourt Nutrition is, as the name suggests, a source of masculine power aimed to respond to the pre-workout nutrition needs of bodybuilders and athletes. The formula is based on a mixture that boosts Nitric Oxide. The effects are said to change with each training performed, which makes it an interesting versatile supplement. It is also marketed as a “testosterone igniter” thanks to its neuroendocrine intensifying properties and is at the same time a Carnosine synthesizer.


The US manufactured supplement can be bought in 22.33 oz containers. It is priced around $28 with no discounts or promotions currently. The scoop for one serving is rather large, but rest assured that one such package is enough to provide 35 servings.

Taste and Mixability

Bullnox Androrush is a powder dietary supplement that can be prepared as a power pre-workout drink. It should not be mistaken for a regular energy drink. Its aroma is that of Orange, and it leaves a good after-taste with no trace of bitterness. It is actually pretty sweet, perhaps sweeter than most such supplements. Take one scoop and mix it with 6 oz of water and consume with about half an hour prior to your workout session.


The Bullnox Androrush formula has, first of all, a targeted action on the endocrine system, triggering an increased testosterone production in males. You may use it with all your workouts and feel how it fuels you set by set, without leaving your body drained afterward. Thus, it is an elixir to fuel workouts in a better way than coffee does.

Not only that it has effects on the body, but also on the mind, as it helps it stay focused. It gives you the ability to lift more weight and to feel less worn out once the training is over. The effect sets in quickly, which is why you can take this right before you head to the gym.

This Betancourt Nutrition product can quickly become a favorite. Moreover, it doesn’t cause an upset stomach or dizziness, like it happens with similar energy-filled, hormone altering supplements. For good, consistent results, drink this for 8 weeks, take a break, then start it all over for 8 weeks. It is advised to carefully read the entire label as there might be important clues on possible allergens or substances that may clash with medication or other supplements.

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