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A highly rated, best bang for your buck supplement

  • Excellent choice for those who are particular about your macros and diet
  • Good amino acid profile
  • Ideal for those who are lactose intolerant, I had no issues while on this

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Body Fortress Super Advanced Isolate Protein

Editor’s Review

When it comes to increasing your protein intake for muscle gains, the rule is simple – get as much protein as you can, with as little fattening agents as possible. The best way to achieve this is to use a special, well-filtered supplement that’s low in carbs and very high in protein.

The Product

The Super Advanced 100% Protein Isolate by Body Fortress is a protein supplement that’s using only ultra-pure isolate to build lean muscle, from three different and reliable sources: whey, soy and milk. It can help you reach your daily protein goals while ingesting a very small amount of fats and carbohydrates. The product can deliver a stunning 60 grams of protein in one double serving – the maximum acceptable amount of product per day. The blend contains both fast and slow acting proteins, to get you covered for a big part of your training day, plus all the betaine you need and 12 g of naturally occurring BCAAs. Thus, your body won’t be missing its key nutrition in any of the stages it needs to go through.


A container of 1.5 lbs or 680 grams is priced between $26.99 and having 16-17 servings per container.

Taste and Mixability

Take one or maximum two scoops (40/80 grams). If you’re using once scoop, mix it with 6 to 8 ounces of water or any beverage you may find suitable. Double the quality of liquid when you decide to have two scoops. There’s a mild, pleasant taste to this powder and it’s obtained only with natural flavours and no harmful additives or sweeteners. To enhance the flavour, you may want to mix the powder with milk.


Body Fortress knows there can be no shortcut to building muscle mass – anything that claims to be such is in fact harmful. Thus, the company engineered a supplement based on high quality, ultra refined protein, to help you reach your goals, without any ‘collateral damage’. The powder has only 1 gram of sugar and very few carbs and fats. Thus, it is suitable to the bulking, as well as to the cutting stage. Besides, 150 calories in one serving is a decent amount.

This formulation is good for any moment of the day, be it between meals, before or after your workouts, even at bedtime. It helps you create more lean mass through its optimal betaine content. What’s more interesting than that is that the blend features different kinds of protein, some of these are ready for immediate absorption, others with a slow release. It means you can count on the supplement for a long while instead of rushing to get various protein powders, one for each distinct moment.

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