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A supplement that is lightly taste, with high amount of quality protein present

  • The taste is really bland. It doesn’t overpower your beverage
  • Surprisingly a good amount of protein, 27g!
  • Pretty affordable, mixes well. One of the more under-rated whey out there. I used it during my cut

Duration length of product testing: 2 months

California Gold Nutrition Sports WPI 90 Instantized Whey Protein Isolate Ultra-Low Lactose

Editor’s Review

California Gold Nutrition may not stand out as one of the most familiar names in the supplement game, but that does not mean they are not represented. Their huge array of products does include some goodies for bodybuilders, and this Instantized Whey Protein Isolate is one of them.

The Product at a Glance

The first time you look at this Whey Isolate, you can tell that it is from California Nutrition Gold. It comes in a white, wide-rimmed container, with a white label with two golden accents running top and bottom. It is unassuming in its design and presentation in typical California Nutrition Gold fashion. It is a whey Isolate, and the manufacturer claims that it is processed to have ultra-low concentrations of lactose. It sells for less than $20 for a container with 15 servings. Each serving, notably, is comprised of 2 scoops, which should yield around 27g of protein. As far as whey isolates go, this is one of the more affordable ones though it lacks less of a punch than its competitors both in terms of serving size, and ingredient profile.

Flavors, Taste

The weak popularity of WPI 90 makes it hard to coalesce different experiences with the product into one unbiased opinion. That said, the product is not available in any distinct flavors. Perhaps this is the result of that low price tag, but the absence of flavor doesn’t hurt its competitiveness, and drinkability. The manufacturer asserts that you can sweeten the product to your liking, or mix it with any beverage of choices to lend it more taste.

The miscibility characteristics of the isolate are not half bad. The product is after all instantized, and the addition of lecithin helps with the dispensability of the whey in any liquid. Stirring with a spoon is enough to give the product a good consistency, but for best results, a shaker cup or blender is advised.


WPI 90 is designed to be used as a pre and post-workout supplement because of how quickly whey isolate is absorbed into the body. It provides protein to your muscles in a timely manner, which makes it ideal for priming your muscles for a workout, or helping with recovery. 27g per serving is adequate, but that means going through two containers of WPI 90 every month, if you take the shake every day.


The fact remains that WPI 90 ranks low when it comes to top whey isolate picks among athletes and seasoned bodybuilders. For someone just getting initiated into a life of fitness and wants an affordable, low-lactose whey isolate product, this California Gold Nutrition offering might just be the right fit.

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