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Get amazing gains with this powerful Test Booster.

  • While I’m on this, my weight dropped drastically, but strength goes up!
  • A very sweet tangy taste to it. Add more water to dilute the sweetness.
  • You can feel the effect at the first sip. I felt kinda more alpha & ready to lift heavy, really!

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Cutler Nutrition Big T

Editor’s Review

Testosterone is the androgenic hormone responsible for masculine characteristics. Among its many functions is muscular development and growth. The body naturally produces the sex hormone as required.

For the avid lifter though, this production process needs as much support as it can get.

Big T is the ultimate test product. Designed to support gains in strength, muscle mass and performance, this offering from Cutler Nutrition is made from all natural ingredients. It works by minimizing estrogen to help modulate testosterone levels. The result is an increased production of the androgen which helps in the formation and preservation of muscle mass.


Big T retails for less than $30 in the most popular online stores. You get 28 serving, which is about a month’s worth. Suffice it to say the product is affordable. This is more or less what the average test product costs, and given the high profile of big T, it’s a supplement worth buying.


The recommendation is to take for four to eight continuous weeks, where after, a four week break is advised. While the product does promise much in terms of muscle support, it does not replace the need for working out. Intensive training is actually necessary for the product to offer any real results. It is only through regular workouts that the product gets a chance to work.

For lifters that have sampled Big T, the results have been quite promising. It offers the most consistent results among supplements of this class. A higher energy level is one of the resounding effects that customers have happily reported. Others say that it gives them a pump and increases their stamina, thus enabling longer, tougher workouts.

The body is quite adaptive, and if any increased androgen needs become apparent, it will respond in kind. If this adaptation is taking too long for you, Big T will help kickstart that production to help you grow your physique.

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