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Great focus, great pump

  • On the spot regarding the mixability. Mixes instantly.
  • When I have a volume training session, I’ll consume this before my workout. It seems to sustains my energy longer.
  • The taste could be better.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

utler Nutrition Legend Pre Workout

Editor’s Review

The deeper you go into bodybuilding, the more energy you need for the increasingly hard workouts. Athletes in need to ignite their energy levels have found the unique and exciting formulas coming from the iconic Jay Cutler, multiple Olympia champion. Throughout his development as a mass monster, he has been frequently experimenting with different training ways, but also with nutrition. Below you will find out about his intriguing energy powder.

The Product

Cutler Nutrition released a dietary supplement – the Legend Pre-Workout Energy – to meet the needs of real bodybuilders. It helps to supply all the necessary pre-workout energy and can be used in conjunction with any kind of program (energy, power, endurance, as well as strength and muscle building programs). The active ingredients are represented by a unique combination or plant extracts

It is a source of niacin, creatine, TMG, taurine, beta-alanine and glutamine among others. It is a natural supplement enriched with a strong dose of caffeine that may force you to cut all coffees, Espressos and energy drinks you may be usually taking.


You can buy Cutler Nutrition Legend Pre-Workout Energy for $27 online, but this represents half the price of its normal retail value. You get a small container with 140 grams of powder, but it will suffice for a total of 28 servings. You don’t have to take it every day, but only in those days when you have to power a challenging training session.

Taste and Mixability

Take 1 serving (equals 1 scoop) prior to your training sessions, preferably 15 to 30 minutes before. Blend the powder with 6 to 8 ounces of water or any other suitable liquid. Enjoy the new “Berry Splash” taste, achieved through both natural and artificial flavorings. It is a mixture of blackberry, strawberry and raspberry.


Cutler’s Legend formulation gives enough stamina and endurance for long-training sessions, needed to build muscle and achieve impressive volume. As you consume this, you will feel your muscles more capable to carry on at the desired pace. It will help you push your limits further. The product does not work by itself, but combined with an adequate training regime and a proper diet. Use with caution, because one serving has enough caffeine to match two cups of coffee. It requires extra care from you because you should limit your caffeine intake (which may be present in painkillers and other supplements).

There are further warnings to it, pointing out to any existing condition or medical ailment. When the consumer is healthy, the product will only have an effect on the caffeine consumption habits. As long as the recommended dose is not exceeded, it should all be fine. It may not be a good idea to take it with medication.

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