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Tasty and high quality vegan almond source

  • Unlike other almond powder stuff I tried, this one isn’t too sweet.
  • Try drinking it hot. I kinda prefer it that way.
  • I sometimes stack this with my protein shake, to add more flavor. Added fortified ingredients for health reasons.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Ecomil Almond Powder Instant

Editor’s Review

Milk features constantly in our diets, not only because of its nutritional richness but also its ability to pair up nicely with so many meal options. Those who are vegetarian, or lack the capacity to digest lactose, the main sugar in milk, are not necessarily left out. Many alternatives exist, and one of the most compelling is almond milk. It might not be as protein dense, or have as many milligrams of calcium as milk, but it has a nice nutty taste and creamy texture.

Ecomil Almond Milk

Ecomil offers almond milk in instant powder form in a very convenient pack. It is made from almonds that have been partially defatted and processed together with corn maltodextrin, agave syrup, rice syrup and almond oil. The company found an innovative way to process the almond paste that was the traditional option into an instant powder which dissolves easily. Made from all organic ingredients, this dairy and soy milk alternative has grown the Ecomil brand, and made the company one of the best in the almond milk business.

Taste, Miscibility

Defined as an instant powder, this characteristic is lived up to when it is mixed with hot or cold water. Two or three tablespoons of the powder mixed in a glass of water are the recommendation. However you can add more, depending on how rich you want the taste to be. As far as miscibility goes, Ecomil almond milk does not disappoint. It does not separate or clump when used with beverages of varying temperatures. The texture achieved is nice and the taste is rich and nutty. Its availability in powder form makes it very versatile as it can be used in smoothies, blends, baking, and pretty much anywhere else where milk is an ingredient.


Ecomil almond powder cannot rival its dairy counterpart, simply because it is underdosed with nutrient. Thus it does not make for a great dairy replacement in instances where there are nutritional concerns. That said, there are alternatives that are fortified with vitamins to ease this concern. Regardless, Ecomil almond powder is a great, long lasting almond milk product that is suited to people on the go, and those who want a long lasting one. Some have argued that it is not as widely available as it should be, but it is now widely stocked in many online stores. It is also very reasonably priced.

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