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Alternative to white rice, try this superfood supplement

  • One of the better tasting Quinoa out there. It’s very high quality.
  • A great alternative for energy if you’re on the go. I recommend not to entirely depend on this for your food or carb sources. Add it to your diet, to enrich it.
  • After awhile the powder hardens. I followed the storing instructions and it still hardens. You will need to chip it. Have a knife or fork ready to loosen the clumps.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Ecomil Quinao Powder Instant

Editor’s Review

The growing popularity of quinoa holds promise for this grain crop in the not so far future. Its value has risen, following the realization of its great nutritional profile, and its ability to take the place of wheat. Despite the tiny size of its seeds, quinoa contains all of the essential amino acids, and it is also rich in fiber, iron, and magnesium and phosphorous. It should be a staple in anyone who cares about their diet, and wants a richer alternative to white rice. Quinoa, now widely available, despite its somewhat expensive costs, can also be had in powder form.

Ecomil Quinoa Powder

Ecomil is a brand that needs no introduction as it has had a solid footing in the industry for a while. Starting off with the almond business, it has grown to include other nutty foods in its profile. The company provides quinoa in a convenient powder form for easy consumption. Made from organically grown quinoa, this product is lactose and gluten free. It is designed for those folk who want to consume quinoa in a different way.


The quinoa powder mixes easily with hot and cold drinks, and stirs easily to achieve an even consistency. The texture is smooth, while the taste is somewhat nutty. The manufacturing process for this powder is ingenious because where other products tend to clump or gel up when exposed to hot beverages, this one just mixes with ease. It is versatile enough to be consumed on its own with water, or it can be used as an ingredient when baking or blending smoothies. The indication is to dissolve two or three tablespoons into a glass of water. You can add more if you desire a richer taste, or want to achieve a creamier texture.

Availability, Price

Ecomil has penetrated the market nicely, but their products are hard to come by sometimes. While you might struggle to find this powder in your local store, you can easily find it online in dedicated food stores, and general ones too. It is available in a 400g pack that costs under $30 in most places. This should equate to about 40 servings, assuming you only take 10g each time. The product has a shelf life of two months after opening.

Quinoa is one of those superfoods with a really bright future. If you find the seeds chewy or boring, try them in powder form as offered by Ecomil. You will find the drink to be very delectable.

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