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Don’t miss this condensed superfood supplement

  • The limiting factor that made me take away a star rating is the taste. It tasted slightly strong and overpowering.
  • Not to mention the after taste. It didn’t give went down well with my taste.
  • Mixability was poor and its to a certain point effective in my personal opinion. Hard to say as you can’t really see physical gains with such supps. More of a feeling.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Enzymatic Therapy Earths Promise Powdered Greens

Editor’s Review

Everyone wants the full spectrum of vitamins and other nutrients from fresh green food. But who is actually willing to ingest significant quantities of fruits and vegetables each day? Besides, even if you start doing that, it will soon fill you up due to the high water content. Concentrated formulations are the key here. We’re not talking about green smoothies because they have the same amount of water. Instead, we want you to think of concentrated powders, like Earth’s Promise Powdered Greens.

The Product

Earth’s Promise Powdered Greens definitely comes with a fantastic and explanatory title that it delivers much of a precious green diet in a very palatable form, easy to take. It’s a much-simplified green diet, vegetarian and gluten-free.

The powder offers the best that the Earth has to give in terms of nutrition: minerals, vitamins, enzymes, etc., all extracted solely from vegetables and fruits. It’s a precious blend of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, collard greens, tomato, mustard greens, kale, and spinach. These ingredients come from gardens, from the fields and from the sea.

The formula also packs sprouts of broccoli, alfalfa, radish and wheat, then some green tea extract and algae, with added mango, kiwi and strawberry. It is to be consumed for better digestion and a stronger immune system, for enhanced bodily functions support and a more nutritious diet.


Earth’s Promise Powdered Greens Enzymatic therapy is a dietary supplement. This is no protein drink and no meal replacement. It is, however, a substitute for the otherwise big quantities of green, fresh food you would have to consume each day to stay healthy. Pay $16 for a 14-day supply (6.6 OZ or 187g) and enjoy a formula that is rich in nutrients and enzymes for a speedy and effective digestion.


The freshness is conveyed through a fruity flavour – an inspired mix of strawberry and kiwi, all natural. It is totally delicious without the help of sugar, as it’s additionally sweetened with stevia.

You will need no less than 5 teaspoons for one serving. Mix the recommended dose with 8-12 ounces of water. Other liquids are not exactly suitable here. Just shake in a container and consume quickly (no later than 30 minutes after preparation) or keep it refrigerated for a maximum of 3 days.


With only 3g of natural sugar and 5g of fibre in each serving, this green powder adds no noxious elements to one’s diet. Besides, it is more than eating super-green foods per se – it’s concentrated and easy to ingest. The formula boosts one’s energy levels and promotes an improved digestion day by day through its enzymatic content. It can also be an effective aid in weight loss efforts, as it supports a good metabolism.

The Earth’s Promise Powdered Greens is a product well loved by children too, because of its sweet kiwi taste. It thus makes for a great solution to replace the greens they usually dislike.

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