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Sturdy and awesome looking knee wraps

  • Used with ease out of the box.
  • Elastic enough but yet gave comfortable support.
  • You don’t need much strength in tightening the knee wraps. Ideal even for small frame person. I tried for fun and it nearly cut off my blood circulation.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Gorilla Wear 79-inch Knee Wraps

Editor’s Review

By now you must have seen fitness enthusiasts and lifters using knee straps. These have a very important role in injury prevention. A “professional grade” pair will not just ensure adequate protection, but also help you control your workouts and get to the next level in terms of difficulty and results.

The Product

Gorilla Wear designed new and sturdy knee wraps with the following dimensions: 8 centimeter wide and 79 inches/ 2 meters long and made of an elastic (stretch) fabric that adapts to your moves. The red and black striped design is an attractive one. These items are made to brace your knees and to provide extended support during exercise. They are made for power lifters but also for the casual gym goer who wants to focus on intense training. The manufacturer engineered a material to adhere well to the skin, thus preventing the straps from falling down. Its durability and long-term comfort are due to a mixture of polyester, nylon velcro and cotton.

The Gorilla Wear Knee Wraps are provided with velcro closure so that anyone can adjust these unique size straps as needed. The strong fabric will adapt to heavy squatting, leg presses and heavy lifting.


You can buy a set of two straps for the regular price of SG$44, but some stores may offer discounts of up to half of this price. They tend to be a bit more expensive than other brands, but Gorilla Wear is no new name in the industry and its equipment quality is well known.


Gorilla Wear has produced excellent wrist wraps and made no compromise when designing these knee stripes. This easy-to-use piece of fitness equipment will make your gym workouts much safer, especially as you move on to lifting heavier weights. These ensure a good compression, but are never too tight, as the fiber is elastic. Thanks to this aspect, the straps also feel comfortable. They are easy to wrap around your legs – no need to worry about making them tighter or loose, just wrap around making sure it’s in close contact with the skin.

The closure does not allow the straps to unroll. Wear them when you lift weights, perform squats, do Crossfit and any form of strength training, as well as for karate and other martial arts. The wraps are comfortable to wear and stay put; you can wear them for a long time without trouble. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; these are made for any body type and size.

To maintain them in a good shape, hand wash is recommended. Protect the wraps by storing them inside a plastic bag as you take them to the gym.

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