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Tough yet a functional lifting belt for progress & stability

  • Although it says it fits a women, it’s kinda big in the back support for them
  • Well made, quality stitching
  • Takes awhile to break into the belt

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Gorilla Wear Full Leather Padded Belt

Editor’s Review

The core or waist area is extremely important when lifting weights. A strong core means back support and less harm done to the spine. A bodybuilder’s efficiency ultimately depends on how much can this bodily area endures. Because it is prone to injuries, it is recommended to protect and strengthen it when you lift.

The Product

The Full Leather Padded Belt designed and produced by Gorilla Wear in the US is a stylish piece for pro lifters but not only. Made entirely of leather and available only in black, it features a large golden printed brand logo of a great effect. The purpose of this belt is to keep the core stable, especially the back. It is made for the most demanding athletes, who want to lift more and more and who cannot afford to skip a gym day. The belt is suitable to both men and women and available in various sizes, from S (30-40 inches) to XXXL (44-54 inches). With the padding added to the classic model, the belt feels much more comfortable and can be worn for longer. Additionally, the double stitching makes it more durable.


This long lasting, highly sturdy item costs around $67 on the manufacturer’s website. The brand ships internationally and this implies additional costs.


The Full Leather Padded Belt will offer support through very heavy lifts. Thus it protects your core area and spine, along with the back muscles, from strain and other kinds of injury. You can avoid the back pain that comes with heavy lifting, especially as you change the weights to bigger ones to challenge yourself. Wearing a belt when lifting is essential and can pave the way to becoming a champion – because continuously increasing effort cannot happen unless there is adequate support for the body.

Pick your size carefully. On the website, you have a size chart in inches and centimeters, to help you select the right belt size. If you’ve already worn this kind of belt, don’t just assume it will be like your previous ones; the dimensions may differ. Give it a try whether you are a man or a woman. There are no weak parts in this accessory. It is sturdy, adjustable and made entirely of leather, from one end to another. It may be more expensive than similar items from other brands, but once you see how resistant it is, and how well it’s made, you might never go for another make.

While we may agree that the belt looks a bit intimidating, it is not supposed to make you avoid it. This is an accessory for the beginner as much as it is for the professional.

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