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Lift more weight and improve your grip

  • The material is not too thick yet strong
  • Feels good on my hand
  • The padding is just the right thickness, and not to thin

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Gorilla Wear Padded Lifting Straps

Editor’s Review

Fitness accessories are not simply meant to enhance one’s image and make them look more like pros. It’s not about showing off. They have a good purpose: to protect from injury, to make equipment more manageable and to help one take on more difficult tasks. Lifting straps are among the essential items for serious weight lifters, because they protect their hands and the wrist joint especially. If problems appear in this area, one can be kept away from the gym for a too long time. Or, all progress may be hindered in case of a less serious injury.

The Product

The Gorilla Wear Padded Lifting Straps are black and with a thin red or purple rim. The logo has a central placement. The fabric is 100% cotton, unlike other models from the same brand. Given the padding, these are superior to simple straps and help achieve more in the gym. Their purpose is to increase the grip when lifting, but also to protect the hands and their joints. Priced at an affordable level, these are must-have gym accessories for any level of training. It is never too soon or too late to have them. The design is a very simple one – no unnecessary elements, just basic straps that can be adjusted to suit anyone.


Buy the Padded Lifting Straps straight from the Gorilla Wear shop for approximately SG$17 plus the shipping costs.


The US manufacturer has been around since the 80s and is committed to providing pro level athletes with the highly enduring accessories they so need and deserve. These lifting straps are made entirely of cotton, but Gorilla Wear has some other strap versions as well, made of various blends. When wearing them, a new set of possibilities arise. You can lift more weight than the previous day, which means taking your fitness or bodybuilding efforts to the next level. If you were unable to lift more without the straps, you may now find that you’re much more in control as you wear these.

Wearing the padded lifting straps gives you that strength and confidence boost, so that you can push your boundaries and achieve more with each training session. The padded surface not only ensures a better grip, but also acts as it’s supposed to – as a cushioning that allows one to manage the weights with more ease, minimizing the risk of injuries. This makes them better for the ligaments in your joint, too.

Use the straps for exercises, like curls or movements, which require heavy pressing. In time, these will strengthen the wrists. Have no worries about the unique size – adjustments are easy to make and the straps will suit any user.

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