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Covers your micro-nutritional deficiencies effectively with this multi-vit

  • Taste was alright. Like all the other gummy vitamins I’ve previously tried.
  • No stomach or bowel issue for me after consumption.
  • Kinda pricey but it’s packs power in the nutritional profile.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Hero Nutritional Products Slice of Life Multi Adult Gummy Vitamins

Editor’s Review

Vitamin supplements have come a long way in helping people cover their dietary requirements. In those instances when dietary intake falls short of providing all the vitamins needed for the various multifaceted biological processes, these vitamins have provided an all-important bridge. Kids who dislike their vegetables and adults who are too preoccupied to concentrate on their diets have exploited this convenience, and that is why the multivitamins market is a colossal one. Not all the offerings are the same though. Some are better than others.

Hero Nutritional Products Multi Vitamin Gummies

Hero Nutritionals has been in the nutrition business for a while and has grown in reputation as a brand of quality. Their offering, this Slice of Life Multi Vitamin is an embodiment of all the qualities that they stand for. Formulated with high potency to yield the full spectrum of vitamins needed by the body, this supplement has found favor with many folk. From its ingredients profile to its taste, there is a lot to like about this particular product.


Slice of Life Multi+ Vitamins are made from all natural ingredients. It is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins A, C, E and of course B complex vitamins. While there is a whole plethora of ingredients in the supplement, all of them are vegan and free from gluten and dairy. There are no artificial additives and the flavors are all natural.
The container has 60 gummy slices, and the indication is to take two gummies per day. The supplement is available in most specialty and food stores, and cost under $15. It is somewhat pricier than what the competition has to offer, but the benefits greatly eclipse this difference. For instance, there is added lycopene to support eye function and chromium to help balance out blood sugar levels.

Taste and Effectiveness

The gummies are easy to swallow and they have a distinctively nice taste. This is a particularly nice quality as those who have struggled with the taste of multivitamins find this one to be very likeable. It is easy to digest as well, and does not cause any stomach discomforts whatsoever. Hero Nutritionals has been keen to ensure their formulation is based on natural ingredients alone and this is part of the reason why the company maintains a good following.


No directions are needed for taking multivitamins either from a nutritionist or any other professional. This implies that you can take Multi+ Gummies for as long as you see fit. The color of the gummies might change over time, but this is because of the use of natural colors. It does not affect the potency of the product or its effectiveness.

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