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Best value weight gainer out there.

  • Consuming this feels like I’m drinking a milk shake. Get ice & blend it is recommended!
  • I always feel full after downing a shake, saw effective good clean gains.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Inner Armour Mass PEAK

Editor’s Review

Lean muscle gains are hard to come by if you don’t have the right diet and supplementation plan. Regardless of how hard you push in the weight room, your efforts are only validate if you have a good nutrition plan to boot.

A mass gainer is critical if you want to chart any new territories with your physique. There is an abundance of these in the market, but one in particular stands out. Inner Armour Mass-PEAK is very different. From the packaging to the advertised benefits, it looks to be the ideal supplement to support lean muscle building.

The benefits of Mass Peak are comprehensible. Thanks to its 2:1 formulation of protein and carbohydrates, it replenishes muscle glycogen and stimulates protein synthesis in the muscle.


The supplement is well priced. It also mixes well, but not better than others in its class. It does require a vigorous shake for dissolution, which is sometimes not always completely achieved. While it is available in an assortment of flavors, it works well with juices and flavored milk. On its own, it is still delectable, and has a consistency that inclines towards the thick side.

As far as results go, Mass Peak works. I first started taking it when I began a new strength training program that was designed for muscle gain. The four scoops are ample and very filling too. After a couple of weeks of usage, there were noticeable increases in muscle fullness as well as gains in strength. The formulation is as advertised. The provision of ultra fast absorbing proteins with maltodextrin works to help your muscles reach peak size.

Inner Armour Mass Peak is worthy of recommendation. The miscibility suffers a little, and some of the flavor offerings are better than others. Nevertheless, it is a lean mass gainer that will help you achieve a bigger physique.

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