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Complete coverage your Omega-3 needs

  • OMG, the pill is so big! I had trouble swallowing it.
  • I always feel good the next day after popping one.
  • My skin feels softer and better when I’m on this, I don’t know why but I kid you not.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Jarrow Formulas PhosphOmega Omega 3 Complex

Editor’s Review

Omega-3 and generally lipids that come from fish have been known for a long time to support health (brain and heart health especially) and long life. Jarrow Formulas is advancing an innovative formulation containing these- it created a supplement that combines Omega 3 with optimal quantities of Phospholipids. What’s even better is that it has no side effects because it is made of safe fish meal, free from Ethoxyquin, which is a commonly employed and rather toxic preservative.

The Product

As the name suggests, PhospOmega is mainly based on the conjunction of two important ingredients: Phospholipides and the Omega 3 compounds. The formulation is meant to combine and maximize the effect of these two. The ingredients are naturally bound, which make it easy on the body. This dietary supplement is claimed to be more effective than the regular fish oils, also containing sunflower lecithin and rosmarinic acid.

Its profile is very interesting. One serving has 5 calories, 0.5 grams of fat, 30 mg cholesterol and is free of most of the harmful substances included in such supplements by other brands. All of its additional ingredients are safe. What’s to be noticed is the surprising low fat content of only 2%. This is no new product on the market, but one that has already been tried by many and is taking the Jarrow Formulas brand further.


By purchasing PhosphOmega from Jarrow Formulas you will take Omega-3 in an advanced form and for a fair price. A container is priced under $30, with a price tag of under $5 for trial orders. There are 30 ‘softgels’ in one container, one soft gel capsule of this kind representing one serving. When many other supplements of this kind tend to be more expensive, this enhanced formula appears as the better choice considering its price and efficiency ratio.


PhosphOmega is first of all efficient through its synergistic action. The active constituents reach a higher bioavailability when taken together. Thus they are easier to absorb than trygliceride forms or than the EE. The high content of Phospholipids also recommends this product – a total of 400 mg. Add the 223 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids (with EPA and DHA) and you have a rich dose of nutrition for the brain and not only. The 30 mg of cholesterol in it make for 10% of the daily recommended dose. Because fish represents the natural source for the oils, the product is not suitable to vegetarians or vegans. Other than that, there are no allergens – no soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, shellfish or peanuts. Considering this official data and the feedback coming from consumers, PhosphOmega can be seen as a supplement of a higher level.

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