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The kind of good snack that will give you instant energy

  • I’ll munch on this in-between my meals to fulfill my daily macros.
  • Taste like any other rice cakes, nothing special.
  • I love this knowing there is no salt in this.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Koyo Natural Foods Organic Plain Rice Cakes

Editor’s Review

Rice cakes are being produced nowadays by a lot of brands and sold everywhere, from big chain supermarkets to health shops and online supplement stores. Out of the many different types, the low sodium rice cakes are excellent treats for anyone, from the one hoping to lose weight to the dedicated weight lifter. The nutritious aspect – what it delivers and what is lacks – is simply ideally balanced to suit many kind of people and their health, weight or fitness goals.

The Product

The gluten free, salt free, organic rice cakes from Koyo Natural Foods are made of simple and plain rice. Their freshness is guaranteed. Although these may look just like any regular rice cake, there is a notable difference. It is the taste that’s not the same as usual. This is because these are made of wholegrain brown rice, in spite of the color that you see. The manufacturer pays great attention to the kind of rice used here and to its condition, always choosing the best, in order to achieve a crisp texture and pleasant taste.


The regular package that weighs 6 oz or 168 grams has the usual price of $0.65 per ounce. You will find packages of different sizes and special offers out there for bulk orders.


The product tastes more like toasted rice and goes well with a wide range of foods.


Being made of brown rice, these cakes make for a healthy snack choice. In addition, the fact that it’s using wholegrain rice of the brown variety means more nutrition packed in this product. Also, rice is rich in carbs and so you will get plenty of it from these soft cakes, but not enough to worry about it. These may even be eaten on a daily basis when you are on a strict diet. Use them as a way to enjoy your favorite dips, spreads, fruits, veggies or even meat. There is a small amount of calories in rice cakes and almost no fat at all. The best part is the low content of sodium here, since sodium tends to be ever-present in the foods we consume daily.

Organic rice cakes can curb the appetite for a while, but will not keep it at a low level for too long. Still, these will provide you with some extra energy for the time being. However, one must not eat too many of these, because carbs can induce a rapid blood sugar peak. Moderation is thus required. There do not seem to be any other restrictions with this product, as long as you pair it with the foods that are right for you.

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