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Fill your protein macros with these guilt-free cookies

  • The dough kinda taste weird to me. One serving is enough to make me feel full.
  • I recommend you microwave it first before consuming it. It will taste much better, trust me.
  • Ideal quick snack on the go.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Lenny Larrys The Complete Cookie

Editor’s Review

Lenny & Larry’s understand that fitness nutrition doesn’t have to be boring. Athletes and bodybuilders also need their treats and, given all the effort, they could really crave for high-calorie, sweet and flavor-rich snacks. The Complete Cookie with chocolate chip flavor was created for fitness fanatics who have a sweet tooth and especially a cookie craving.

The Product

Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie is a classic. It’s a product well known to fitness enthusiasts and other sportspeople. This is an all natural cookie rich in vegetarian protein, with oat fiber and chicory root fiber. The main ingredients are the wheat and soy protein isolate, as well as pea protein. To break it down, here are the numbers: 16 g protein, 6 g fiber, 6 g of fat, 27 g carbs and no cholesterol or trans fats. It has a rounded cookie shape with non-dairy chocolate chips in it, no artificial colorings and preservatives.

Price and Quantity

A package of such cookies has a price between $22 and $26, so it isn’t fluctuating much. However, if you are consuming these long term, then you can save some good money, especially with vendors who offer progressive discounts for big orders. In addition, some sellers offer higher discounts as you order more packages. There are 12 pieces in a package, of 113 g each. One serving size is of 65.5 g.

The Chocolate Chip Flavor

It may be hard to believe that a completely vegan chocolate chip cookie tastes just like the original. Thanks to its well blended ingredients and the mixture of flavors, The Complete Cookie is a hit. It’s got natural vanilla flavoring for the dough and the chocolate chips are made with chocolate liquor, vanilla, non-dairy cocoa butter and sugar, hence the wonderful intense taste. If you aim for a power snack, pair this with a protein shake or with a simple glass of milk. These cookies will not cause abdominal distress and leave no weird aftertaste.


A cookie of 190 calories will ensure a protein boost to protect your muscle gains while enjoying a delicious treat. You no longer have to feel guilty or worried as you eat these. These products are cooked with a natural oil blend and good for vegans, as there’s no trace of eggs or dairy in them. It does contain gluten and soy however, so the allergic ones are warned. Otherwise, it’s a reliable source of protein and fiber, which improves the digestive function. You get even more benefits, as the wheat flour is enriched with iron, riboflavin and folic acid.

The Complete Cookie is suitable to children, too. It actually ensures a healthy snack that will give them the much needed energy and nutrition.

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