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Quality manufactured, thick rice cakes

  • The taste was so-so.
  • I could get cheaper and tastier rice cakes compared to this one.
  • It’s unique as it’s one of the thicker rice cakes around if you’re into this.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Lundberg Brown Rice Rice Cakes

Editor’s Review

Rice cakes have been popular with many categories of people, even those at extremes: dieters obsessed with losing weight and bodybuilders. This is because rice is a healthy and nutritious addition to any diet. When it’s brown rice, it’s even better, as you get even more. Below we will have a look at one brand that goes the extra mile when producing its special rice cakes.

The Product

The Brown Rice Organic Rice Cakes from Lundberg sound like the perfect healthy, guilt-free snack. It was conceived as a friendly food to a wide range of people – dieting ones, individuals with heart conditions, with certain common ingredient intolerance and so on. The cakes are made of whole grain rice and deliver a good quantity of nutrients. There is no gluten and no animal ingredients. Certified as USDA Organic, the product does not come from any genetically modified crops, but is made only with fresh brown rice grown by the Lundberg Family Farms and baked without preservatives or any additional flavors.


The price for a package of 241 g or 8.5 oz is of about $4 but can be more expensive with certain retailers.


Because the rice is in a bigger concentration, these cakes are much tastier than the regular ones. Also, brown rice has a distinct flavor compared to the white variety. The product’s taste is not enhanced by any added flavoring. It barely has any salt and therefore the taste is somewhat neutral. Thus it can be eaten with anything on top and any kind of spread, be it salty or sweet.


The Lundberg Brown Rice Cakes are suitable to everyone in the family, regardless of age, fitness goals, etc. These are pretty soft and rather easy to break. They are produced in a sustainable manner, which is a plus for the brand. Note that a bigger quantity of rice goes into these cakes, so they pack more nutrition per serving. Thus you’ll have 60 calories per cake, a negligible amount of fat, 14 g of carbohydrates, 1 g of protein, 1 g of fiber and no sugars or salt.

This can become a top snack for anyone trying it, including weight lifters. Besides the delicious taste, these rice cakes also have a pleasant smell of their own, to which you can get addicted. The reviews so far are very good and people are loving this product.

Rice cakes like these allow for plenty of creativity as you prepare your snacks. You only have to pay attention to one aspect – how you keep them fresh. Store them as directed on the package and you will have them in proper condition for a longer time.

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