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Nothing like a sweet tasting BCAA with quality ingredients

  • Worth the investment as this has a lot of Leucine
  • Some dissolve issue
  • The taste was alright, taste great when drank with cold water

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Maximum Human Performance LLC, Premium Series, BCAA-XL

Editor’s Review

Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplements are a mainstay in the bodybuilding world, and they register the same high number of users as whey or creatine. The reason for this widespread usage is because of the role BCAAs play in muscular gains. It has also been found that BCAAs have anti-catabolic effects for those who are under a calorie-deficit program. Having underlined their importance, you should grab the supplement to further your fitness goals. And MHP LLC has just the right offering.

The Product

MHP Premium Series BCAA-XL is the company’s answer to the surging BCAA demand. The supplement gives 5g of BCAAs, 4.1g of leucine in every scoop, which is more than what other brands have to offer. It promises to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, boost muscle strength, and recovery after exercise. It contains no added sugar, and is flavored both naturally and artificially. For $21.99 it is one of the more affordable supplements in its class.

The container comes with 30 servings. The branding is classic MHP with its gold accents and signature blue background decals. It is especially good to see that it continues the company’s tradition of outlining the key ingredients.

Taste and Miscibility

MHP Premium Series BCAA-XL comes in three distinct flavors – pineapple, tangerine and watermelon. All of these are highly delectable, with the taste being rich enough to make water the only beverage you will need to dissolve it in. The pineapple has particularly been described as strong enough to give your taste buds a kick. It is a bit on the sweet side though, so you should know that before you purchase it.

Miscibility is equally good. A few deliberate shakes in a shaker bottle are all that is needed to achieve that uniform consistency. One scoop dissolves in 8fl. Oz of water to equal one serving of 10g.


BCAAs, much like other quick absorbing proteins are versatile in how they can be used. For this particular one, it fits the role of pre and post-workout shake quite perfectly, as well as an intra-workout shake as well.

Most of the users who have tried MHP’s BCAA-XL have a lot of good things to say about it. From its rich flavorings to its affordability, it seems Maximum Human Performance got this one quite right. It works as well as advertised as it leads to stronger lifts and better recovery times.

MHP Premium Series is as ideal a BCAA product as you can get, but that is not to say that it is perfect. Offerings from other brands are as compelling, so it really comes down to a matter of preference. With this supplement though, you are unlikely to find one in its class that offers quite the same servings of leucine.

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