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Protect your shins in comfort when deadlifting

  • Fits snuggly with my legs
  • The fabric kinda thin, I fear if I did any forceful tug, it might unravel
  • Felt good doing my deadlift when I was using this product, truly recommended!

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

MOXY Socks Sergeant Pain Deadlift Socks

Editor’s Review

If you have ever watched professional deadlifters, you might have noticed the peculiar apparel they’re wearing. The most intriguing piece of equipment must be their long socks. To casual viewers, it may make more sense to wear regular joint supports, such as knee padding or wraps. Why do deadlifts require long socks? Is there something we’re missing?

The Product

The MOXY Sergeant Pain Deadlift Socks were designed to give your muscles the much-needed stability to perform demanding exercises, like deadlifts. They use a ventilator mesh top and offer arch and Achille’s tendon support. Their toes and heel areas are also reinforced. Their seams are invisible. Plus, with the MOXY CompressionTech, you get not only to cover and protect your calves, but also use more power during exercise. In addition, this enables you to recover faster. The socks are available in either black or white and with colored inserts. The Sergeant Pain brand is best known for its universal size socks for men.


A MOXY pair of compression socks for deadlifting is priced between $6.49 and $11.50. Make sure to check the entire range before you order.


Sergeant Pain is a brand created for heavy workouts. It is excellent for protecting the calves during crossfit training as well as during deadlifts and similar exercise. The socks are designed to work much like soccer socks, but with added benefits.


Sergeant Pain by MOXY provides very durable socks indeed. These provide shin and sole protection as well as compression all over. One can wear them for crossfit and for powerlifting too. As the muscles are kept stable, you can employ more strength in your exercising. One of the best parts about wearing these is that your shins are well protected during deadlifts and jumps, something which is absolutely essential to most. It’s very common to scrape off the shins while performing these movements. Wearing socks reduces friction, stops the tearing of the tissue and prevents bleeding. Besides, when used and compressed, the muscle works better.

It is a shame that socks are forgotten for most of the time in crossfit training, although they shouldn’t be. This pair may not exactly offer the highest level of compression, but it is good enough. Note that they’re not made to boost anyone’s lifting ability, but to ensure protection. Therefore, you should not expect this to improve your performance in spectacular ways. However, wearing such socks during training is bound to help you improve your technique. By stabilizing calf muscles, you can perform more correctly and, with time, use more power. This helps you build superior strength. The MOXY socks are better than wearing simple soccer ones.

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