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Scientifically sound pre-workout that promises that ultimate pump without the crash

  • I felt the pump for the first month, but none after that. My body is like that, it just adapted.
  • I overcame the above by stacking with other pre-workout as I have a high tolerance to caffeine.
  • No issues on mixing but I’m not liking the flavor, has a medicinal tang to it.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Assault

Editor’s Review

Advertised as the complete pre-workout system for all athletes, Assault is a powerful new preworkout product from the reputed supplement company. It is hailed as the most advanced product in its class, and is the culmination of very intensive research. It is precision-engineered to ascertain that it can endow you with the four qualities of a great performer- endurance, strength, focus and energy.

Many preworkout supplements are often bundled with many stimulating ingredients to simulate a pump. MusclePharm is free from banned substances and features a performance blend that has Creatine, Arginine and the all important BCAA’s.

MusclePharm also has cell volumizers such as Glycine and Dextrose and others which support insulin production for better nutrient intake by muscle tissues and other body cells. It has a new PureEnergy ingredient, which unlike caffeine, gives you lasting concentration and energy without a crash in the end.


MusclePharm Assault is available in different tub sizes, with the smallest giving you 20 servings. Since you only need one serving a day before your workout, it offers good value for the investment.

Taste and Mixability

MusclePharm has put real effort in giving the preworkout a likeable taste. With the flavours ranging from Fruit Punch, Pineapple Mango to Watermelon and Raspberry Lemonade you are spoilt for choice. Assault is very delectable, and it does not leave any after tastes.

The product mixes well with water. 1 scoop dissolves in about 10 oz. of water. A vigorous shake is needed to make it consistent. No residues are left in the bottom and there is no noticeable clump formation.


As far as giving you that preworkout pump goes, Assault does deliver. The effects start becoming apparent 30 minutes after intake. There is a focus and drive that Assault lends that gets you motivated for an intensive workout. Your energy levels stay consistent throughout enabling you hit those last reps with good form.

The different hydration components maintain your electrolyte balance. This is important as these electrolytes are used by the nervous system in signaling muscular contractions.

MusclePharm Assault looks like the product that addresses all the different facets of weight lifting preparation. Users have nothing but praise for the product for delivering on all its promises. It is this kind of customer satisfaction that has grown the reputation of the brand.

A preworkout supplement is one of the most important to have if you are a serious athlete. Assault is recommendable for the simple reason that it works.

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