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Quality timed-released protein for your muscle building needs

  • One of the ‘grainier’ tasting casein I’ve used.
  • The flavor is gahh, so so. Drinkable but I ain’t liking it.
  • I see results but I won’t buy this supplement again unless MP goes back to the drawing board revamping the product.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Casein Core

Editor’s Review

Casein is one of the more important protein products you should have in your supplements arsenal. Whey is generally thought to be the best kind of protein there is. It has the richest profile of amino acids which are the building blocks the body uses for tissue repair and growth. However whey is easily digestible and does not take long to be assimilated into the body. This implies that it’s only ideal for satisfying those immediate protein needs. When you want a protein that is slow-releasing, go for casein.

Casein Core

Casein Core is MusclePharm’s casein offering. It’s a brand that has gained the trust of many athletes and quality is naturally to be expected from any of its product. Casein core is formulated with the active person in mind. It is blended with micellar casein, slow-digesting enzymes and probiotics.


The 3lb container of Casein core retails for less than $60. This is higher than what similar offerings from other brands retail for. You do get 46 servings, but this does not eclipse the fact that it is a little pricey.

Taste and Mixability

Casein Core comes in an array of favors including Chocolate and Cookies & Cream. It is easy on the palate and tastes as well as you would expect of any MP product. As far as mixability goes, it is not great. The gelling characteristics of casein start to exhibit when you try to constitute that first shake. Use of an electric blender is recommended otherwise you will struggle to completely dissolve it.


The recommendation is to mix one scoop in 300mls of water or skim milk. For an athlete who trains regularly, two servings per day should suffice. The first should be taken between meals when a slow digesting protein is desired and the other before bed to provide a steady supply of protein for repair of muscle tissue. It ensures that those 8 hours of not taking food do not affect your progress.

The product works. When taken as a pre-bed supplement, it delays morning hunger and fuels the growth of new muscle tissue. After the first tub, you should record some gains if everything else in your training and dieting routine remains constant.

MusclePharm Casein Core is not the most popular casein product in the market. Some users find the taste is less delectable and the price a little high. Regardless, it brings results and that’s the most important thing.

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