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Your solution to faster recovery and less muscle soreness

  • Works well for me and has no mixing issues.
  • No weird after taste like other glutamine products I’ve tried.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Glutamine

Editor’s Review

Glutamine might not be considered an essential fatty acids, but this does not, in anyway, downplay its functions. As the highest amino acid in circulation, Glutamine is used as a source of energy, and plays an essential role in protein synthesis. A bodybuilder needs more glutamine than they can produce, as their increased needs make it conditionally essential to supplement it.

MusclePharm provides a pure Glutamine Complex that will adequately satisfy your body’s demands. With its unique blend of three types of the amino acid, MP hopes to shorten your recovery periods. The ability of Glutamine to reduce tissue repair time has been demonstrated sufficiently in medical settings.

Supplementing with the amino acid is therefore critical in accelerating your recovery periods and furthering your muscle building pursuits. MusclePharm’s product is just good enough to earn a recommendation.

Taste and Mixability

MP’s Glutamine is unflavored. When mixed with water, the taste is somewhat bland, but it is not as bad as there is no aftertaste. Mixing it with skim milk lends it a nice subtle flavor. As far as the miscibility goes, the product mixes well, and without leaving any clumps or deposits. You don’t need to reach for a blender as a vigorous shake will suffice in achieving consistency.


The product is offered in a 300g package with 60 promised servings. It costs around $20, give or take, depending on where you purchase it from. For the number of scoops that you get, MP’s Glutamine offers great value. Three scoops in 10 ounces of water or skim milk taken once a day is the recommended intake.


MusclePharm’s Glutamine is purported to increase protein synthesis, minimize catabolism, enhance rehydration, increase performance and reduce your recovery time. For most users, these promises are often delivered. The formula works exactly as designed.

You will notice a dramatic difference in your muscles after tough workouts. Any muscle soreness that typically stays with you dissipates much faster when you are using the supplement. Additionally, your lean muscle is preserved and you should notice an increased reading in your scale after going through your first tub.

A Glutamine supplement is essential, as it has been previously underlined. Because MusclePharm has grown to command such respect in the industry, its offering stands well above the rest. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bodybuilder, you will find MP’s Glutamine to be important in helping you reach your goals.

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