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Put your body to a complete nighttime recovery process

  • The taste is not as chalky as other slow release protein I’ve tried. I usually stack it with carbs supplement, on a caloric surplus then.
  • Doesn’t upset my sensitive stomach.
  • The price it rather alright, affordable.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MuscleTech NitroTech Nighttime Protein

Editor’s Review

While most protein powders are meant to be taken during the day, there are special formulations which are ideal for the nighttime. Such is the new release from the well-known Muscletech.

The Product

The Nitro Tech Nighttime Protein from Muscletech is a part of the Performance Series by Muscletech, which means it is addressed to those committed to intense training. It was created for muscle recovery and growth during a specific time – when you’re asleep at night. The supplement is made with 100% Micellar Whey, plus an important content of Glutamine and BCAAs. It is said to be superior to Casein (also containing none of it) and provides, by the portion, 25 grams of protein made to be absorbed and used during the night. Moreover, it delivers amino acids for a total time of up to 6 hours. There are no fillers in it. Nitro Tech uses larger molecules for a slow release during sleep.


The usual list price is of about $55, often discounted to $34. This is the cost of 2 lbs or 907 grams of powder.

Taste and Mixability

Nighttime Protein boasts with a natural flavor. It is available in the following varieties: Triple Chocolate Milkshake and French Vanilla. It can be mixed with water, but also with milk and its replacements. Take one serving before going to sleep to experience its ultra-anabolic effect.


Muscletech is the bestselling brand for bodybuilding supplements in the US and thus we have high expectation of this product. The first positive aspect to be noticed is the good dosage of the important elements in it. This makes one serving be very effective. There are very few carbs in it but it delivers 80 mg of cholesterol. It looks like generally it can cover 50% of one’s protein needs for the day. In addition, it’s got a good content of calcium for bone health.

The protein in this formula is released quicker but it has a long time of action. In many ways it is better than casein. Being extracted from whey, it has a higher biological value. This means it is being used more efficiently by the body. The micellar whey gives you the best of whey protein, nothing less. The effects are certain. There is a quicker recovery through the amino acid load. Also, in time, you will see quicker and bigger gains if you maintain the intensity and frequency of your training.

It is thus a great supplement if your goal is muscle growth and you want to make the most of it, even while you’re sleeping. You may combine this with daytime protein supplements to maximize your gains.

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