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Complete liver support coverage

  • Noticed slight energy bump.
  • Stacked it with my multivitamin with no issue.
  • Felt my liver cleansing operating more efficient.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Natrol Milk Thistle Advantage

Editor’s Review

One of the signs of good health is a liver in perfect function. It is the organ charged with the task of breaking down different toxins before they are eliminated through the kidneys. Offering support to the liver is generally thought to help improve its function, and promote overall health. Natrol Milk Thistle Advantage is a product designed to offer said support, amongst other things.

The Product

Milk Thistle Advantage is a powerful antioxidant that is formulated to boost liver function. It promotes the detoxification processes of the organ and enables it to more efficiently eliminate wastes from the body. It is designed for use by anyone who desires to promote their general health, those who are regularly under medication and typically anyone who demands much from their livers. Those whose liver function tests are a little off and bodybuilders who use a variety of supplements can benefit greatly from its use.


For less than $10, you get a container with 60 capsules. Given the ingredient profile of the product, and the antioxidant support that it offers, Milk Thistle Advantage offers good value.


Users of the product are a satisfied lot, with many attesting to its efficiency. The capsules are easy to swallow, and after a couple of days, you do begin to note an improvement in energy levels and a general feeling of wellness. Milk Thistle seeds, as research has demonstrated, improve the integrity of liver cells and support overall liver function. This is due to the flavonoid complex that is extracted from the seeds.

The recommendation is to take two capsules once daily with meals. Since the goal is to offer your liver support, it is wise to discontinue any habits that might be antagonistic, such as alcohol intake as it puts a strain on the organ.

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