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Awesome meal replacement found in a scoop

  • If you’re looking to lose weight, this is it. It nourishes you while at the same time lean you out.
  • Premium prices but you can’t beat the nutritional content of this supp.
  • It kinda mixes ok and I usually stack it with milk or other juices as the supp taste bland and plain.

Duration length of product testing: 3 weeks

Naturade Total Soy All Natural Meal Replacement

Editor’s Review

Meal replacements are a most tempting solution to anyone who has been struggling to lose weight. Naturade is a brand that has been around since 1926, and has been perfecting its product line to reach the optimal solutions when it comes to healthy meal replacements. Such products aim to provide the nutrition of a complete meal – not just replace a certain type of food, like steak. They’re at their best when they ensure a wider range of benefits. And Naturade Total Soy is one of the finest instances of meal replacement products.

The Product

Naturade Total Soy has all the benefits of a lean meat meal with starches and vegetables. This concentrated soy powder represents an original formulation containing 24 vitamins and minerals, and focuses on weight loss and cholesterol reduction. It is lactose and gluten-free. One should have no worries about the soy, because it does not come from genetically modified crops. Apart from these, with only 130 calories per serving one could say they have a truly low-calorie meal, yet providing a rich, balanced makeup of nutrients that are absolutely essential to the body.


You can now buy a container of 507g at the price of $12.49, which is discounted from the original retail price. It’s got enough for a total of 13 servings, supposed to cover exactly 13 days. It has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and thus it won’t load your systems with bad substances that will call for a detox. As recommended on the label, 13g of Soy Protein each day is enough. This unique serving should be respected though – do not replace all meals with this. Consumers are strongly advised to have an intake of at least 1200 calories a day and this must not come from soy concentrate alone.


The French Vanilla taste ads character to this high-protein shake. Just add the flavoured powder to cold water or any other beverage that you fancy. No mixer or blender is necessary, only a spoon to stir it well.


Naturade Total Soy is the equivalent of one serving of totally lean meat plus one vegetable and one starchy food. Beneficial to those with a risk of heart disease, it reduces cholesterol through its soy protein content, a fact which is backed by repeated studies. FDA approves its effectiveness. The resulting shake reduces weight because the consumers get good quality protein without the added fat or sugars that come with regular protein-rich food. It’s also good for people who are not facing the overweight issue, but who worry about cholesterol levels.

Eliminating saturated fat and cholesterol from the diet is a great move in order to get the full benefit of this product. Unless the diet is tailored this way, the protein powder cannot reveal its full weight loss effect.

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