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Straight up an effective, light-taste protein supplement

  • It taste kinda bland. Would be ideal to stack with other juices.
  • The high quality processing to product this supplement is evident. I saw gains on my aesthetic front.
  • Very affordable. Yes a quality supp but forgettable brand though, nothing about it excites me. Needs rebranding in my opinion.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Natural Factors Whey Factors 100% Natural Whey Protein

Editor’s Review

When confronted with dozens and dozens of protein powders, athletes need to identify those products that are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards in the world. Sometimes it may be hard to do so, but it you look carefully at the details on the label – such as ingredients purity and isolated fractions – it becomes obvious which manufacturer has put more care into it.

The Product

The 100% Natural whey Protein from Natural Factors is a microfiltered dietary supplement with non-denatured whey protein. It counts 15 g of protein in each serving, has no trace of those harmful growth hormones and is GMO-free. The product is supposed to have an important effect on those under intense training: it supports muscle development and repairs the muscular fiber, but also has a positive effect on the immune system. There’s plenty of glutamic acid in it and BCAA, which translates as branched chain amino acids. It is low in lactose, with only 1g per serving. There’s 2 g of fat and 2 g of carbs. This whey powder is an important source of Riboflavin.


Regardless of flavor, the Natural Factors whey protein comes in containers priced at under $19 each. There are 17 servings in a container. It is up to you how quickly you consume it – there is no fixed recommended dosage. One is free to take 1 to 3 scoops a day.


The Natural Factors protein powder could be one of the best tasting whey protein products. It is available in many flavors – French Vanilla, Double Chocolate, and Strawberry. The even better news is that the manufacturer also issues an Unflavored version, perfect for mixing with green juices and suitable to those who do not fancy the mentioned flavors, or any flavors at all. With no sugar, nor artificial sweeteners, Natural Factors is a safe choice.

One scoop (20 g) gets instantly mixed in 6 fl. oz. It’s best to use a shaker cup if you have one. One may use such a drink 3 times a day but not more often. Can be mixed with milk or water, but it can take any other liquid that you like. For these other combinations better use the unflavored version.


The manufacturer claims the purity and the potency are guaranteed and indeed, one may witness the effects of a quality supplement. Rated worldwide as an excellent product, this whey protein powder enhances muscular mass and recovery rates after regular intense training. The beneficial whey microfractions include lactoferrin, beta lactoglobulin, and immunoglobulin easily go where they are needed in the muscle. For those concerned with the caloric value, it’s stated that a scoop has 80 calories.

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