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Break plateaus and overcome deficiencies with this supplement

  • I had no allergic reaction taking this, please check if you do
  • The price is not too expensive, very affordable
  • I love the gummy texture, taste great too

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Nature Made, Adult Gummies, Calcium with Vitamin D3, Natural Fruit Flavors

Editor’s Review

If you thought gummies with vitamins were an invention for children, you should look deeper into this matter. A large percentage of adults fail to get their vitamin and mineral supplements because they have a hard time swallowing pills. Thus, gummies are the solution for everyone, big or small. Nature Made took full advantage of this aspect and created its Adult Gummies, to respond to the growing demand of quality natural supplements.

The Product

Adult Gummies by Nature Made is a fruit-flavoured dietary supplement based on the potent combination of Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol and Calcium. The two are responsible with bone and teeth health as well as with the good functioning of the immune system and the brain, among others. The manufacturer advanced a product based on Vitamin D 700 IU as Cholecalciferol (the recommended form) plus Calcium and Phosphorus, tasty and in chewable form.


With the standard presentation, you get 80 gummies per jar, priced between SG$17 and SG$24. Buying these online may guarantee you some important discounts.

Taste and Directions

Nature Made Adult Gummies are naturally flavoured (and coloured the same way). They taste like cherry, orange and strawberry. To ensure good results, chew two gummies each day. These are not supposed to replace a varied and healthy, nutritious diet. The supplement can and should be used to treat deficiencies.


Nature Made Adult Gummies can improve the density of bones when taken regularly and in the prescribed doses. For this reason, it is important to find out your necessities. The formulation can improve the skin’s aspect as well as the immune function; it will strengthen soft or fragile bones as it helps with the calcium absorption in the stomach. Moreover, the effects are better when the person adopts an active lifestyle, to help fixate the calcium inside the bones.

The product does not display one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin D3, but it is good enough. It needs to be mentioned that health authorities recommend 2000 IU of Vitamin D on a daily basis, under normal circumstances. When there is no sunlight, the dose should be even higher. While this supplement may give you enough of it, it does not go as high as other brands. Apart from that, it covers only 50% of your daily calcium needs and 23% for phosphorus, with a total amount of 30 calories per serving (2 gummies).

The gummies have a mildly sweet, fruity taste that does not repel adults. It is important to store these gummies as recommended by the manufacturer, to preserve their freshness. In any case, one jar will not last for long – only for a bit over a month.

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