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Light on the lips, heavy on the gains

  • Taste wise, it doesn’t overpower your senses. Ideal to be mixed with any drinks.
  • Strong nutritional profile. You will see gains.
  • Gluten and lactose free, that’s my main reason buying this. Perfect for my sensitive stomach.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Natures Plus Ultra Energy Shake

Editor’s Review

The tremendous need for energy supplements nowadays is well justified. The new, intensive agriculture produces food that grows too fast to develop proper nourishing factors within. Thus, we are in constant need of supplementing vitamins and minerals, since the daily food intake cannot suffice.

The Product

Nature’s Plus Ultra Energy Shake was created to provide a solid daily dose of energy and vitality. Ideal for weight management and suitable for diabetic people, it seems to be the formula that many were waiting for. No wonder the stocks are finished so quickly. The Ultra Energy Shake also contains antioxidants from whole food and combined protein. It prevents blood sugar surges given its low glycemic rate. Besides, it is engineered to be gluten and lactose free and suitable to vegetarians. Count the GlucoSmart enzyme content and you’ve got yourself a multi-benefit supplement that keeps you on top of the game.


With this Nature’s Plus innovation you get a can that contains 363 g or 0.8 lbs. This being priced at $27, it’s rather economical, as it provides the complete profile of minerals and vitamins. Use 2 scoops (33 g) for one serving. The whole container would thus supply for about 11 servings. It’s all organic – no-GMO soybeans were used to get the extract in the recipe.


Concerned with the taste? It’s ‘supercharged chocolate’, as they describe it. It surely promotes a feeling of well-being and it could well be the tastiest supplement for nutritional support. The powder is very easy to mix and requires no blender. Just pour and stir. It works with water or milk, but also with any kind of fruit juice.


The downside of many sweet-tasting energy supplements is that they cause a surge in blood sugar levels. This one does not get to raise your glycemic levels, keeping blood sugar under control. The protein from rice, peas, and soy is easily digested and ensures long-term nutrition. The carbs are released slowly, which is optimal for health, keeping the metabolism and the digestive processes at normal levels. Thus, through regular consumption it gets to regulate the body weight naturally.

If you are one who needs to monitor their glucose, reduce the body weight without getting hungry or simply enjoy increased energy levels, the Ultra Energy Shake is a good option. There are no restrictions to it – just don’t go beyond the recommended dose and don’t use it as a meal replacement. It needs to be consumed in conjunction with a normal, healthy diet.

Nature’s Plus supplements are innovative ways to fight the ‘modern’ diet issues and find the natural path to health. This chocolate flavored energy shake is no exception. It’s tasty and packed with precious nutrients, with the added benefits of weight management and heart protection.

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