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Decently priced quality Tribulus

  • My lift seem stronger, even when I’m dropping weight. I just do.
  • I hate pills and this one is huge. Get used to it.
  • No side effects. I drank lots of water when I was on this.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Now Foods Sports Tribulus

Editor’s Review

Sports performance also depends much on one’s hormonal profile. Herbal supplements can bring important quantities of hormone-like substances, such as the phytoestrogens, which will influence bodily functions, energy levels, muscle performance and so on. Besides all your protein and amino acids supplementing, you may want to try a few herbal concoctions to get help.

The Product

Tribulus 500 mg is a supplement in the Sports line of New Foods and it contains a standardized extract with minimum 45% saponins, aimed at influencing the hormonal activity. The result is helping the body stay young and be more apt for prolonged effort. The product is intended to be used as a dietary supplement. It is manufactured using the aerial parts and the fruits of Tribulus terrestris, a plant with a long history in traditional medicine. New Foods deliver it without sugar, allergens or preservatives. Note that it does have gelatin and rice flour though.


Get the Tribulus extract online for $15. It is frequently discounted to $8-$9, so that’s a fairly good deal if you can catch it. You will have 100 capsules per jar, which may last you between 33 and 100 days, depending on how much you decide to or need to take. For directions, see below.


Take 1 capsule with water per day. You may increase the dose up to 3 capsules. Always take these before meals. You may combine this with other supplements like Arginine.


This USA manufactured supplement is a simple one, yet with a complex action. Tribulus terrestris has been used since ancient times in various regions of the world, from Greece to India. It was known as an agent promoting rejuvenation and enhancing fertility. With this bit of information, we can easily deduce that it affects the hormones.

The supplement can be successfully used by athletes looking for superior stamina and for better endurance. This is a really potent formulation due to its high concentration. When you start taking it regularly you may notice the effects in under 2 weeks.

Tribulus from Now Foods may trigger the effects of high testosterone levels, such as an aggressive attitude or a greater libido. When this happens, you’ll also notice a strength boost as well. Pay attention to the concentration if you used to take another Tribulus supplement before. These may be vastly different so it won’t feel the same. Adjust the dose accordingly, so that you won’t shock your body if this is too strong.

Now Foods usually delivers quality supplements and this is definitely one of them. It may help you pump up your workouts, but only take this if you get the green light from your doctor. It can interfere negatively with certain conditions.

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