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Great value for money mass gainer with Nutrabolics Mass Fusion

  • The taste could be better. My chocolate was too milky like tasting.
  • If you follow the consumption recommendation diligently, you’ll have serious gains.
  • The mixing has slight issue, nothing like using a blender to really dice up the grainy clumps.
  • My bloating wasn’t as bad using this mass gainer, dissipate after an hour, tops.
  • You won’t probably see any results the first 3-weeks but the week after I found myself much fuller, heavier and stronger.
  • Although it will get your intended mass, albeit slow and steady, this supplement could improve slightly on the taste and mixability.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Coming off Ramadhan fasting month and rebounded with lots of gains.

Nutrabolics Mass Fusion

Editor’s Review

The challenge to put on new mass is incredibly enormous for anyone who has hit a plateau. Regardless of the intensity of your workouts, or the frequency of your protein rich meals, new muscle gains are sometimes forestalled by the body. It is an eventuality that is distressing to any bodybuilder who desires to take their physique to the next level.

It is out of this resonating frustration expressed by many weight lifters that Nutrabolics delved into science and formulated the perfect blend to help overcome those size challenges. With the goal of helping gym goers chart new territory in their physiques, the company endeavored to find a perfect formula. And in the end, it did.

Nutrabolics Mass Fusion

Nutrabolics Mass Fusion supports muscle building and is recommended to both hardgainers and seasoned hardcore lifters.

With its slow-release protein matrix, sustained protein synthesis is stimulated so your muscles are continually nourished. With time-released carbohydrates, glucose levels are kept constant, so muscle glycogen levels are never truly depleted. This allows longer, more intensive workouts. By giving 950 calories in every serving, you get a nutritious surplus that is critical to new muscle growth.

Whether you are looking to change your body form from ectomorph, or want to get bigger still, Nutrabolics Mass Fusion is ideal for you. It is backed by science, and comes in a massive 16lb package that ensures there’s enough to keep you going. The best thing about this formulation is that it does not impede on your quest for leanness. The use of complex carbohydrates and consequential absence of simple sugars ensure there is no fat gain.

With Mass Fusion, your dream physique is closer to reach. In the world of bodybuilding, there is no instant gratification. But with this mass gainer, your consistent efforts in the weight room will be easier to notice.

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