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Cover your greens need with this superfood supplement

  • If you like seaweed taste, then you’ll love this.
  • I myself had to stack it with juice to mask the seaweed taste.
  • My bowels seems regulated when I was on this. Didn’t get sick during the period.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Paradise Herbs ORAC-Energy Greens

Editor’s Review

The recommended dietary requirement of fruit and vegetables is hard to meet, especially now when unhealthy options are so easily available. Paradise Herbs offers a solution to this dietary concern by offering an oxidant rich product made from grasses, herbs and vegetables. The list of ingredients in the product is its highlight, and it is impressive to say the least. This diversity, and their high bioavailability, means that ORAC-Energy Greens’ making of a very effective supplement.

The Ingredients

ORAC-Energy Greens has a plethora of ingredients that are too many to list individually. It has berry extracts, probiotics, adaptogens, mushrooms and other natural herbal concentrates. The patented formula is designed to offer you wholesome antioxidant protection. Unlike other products in its class that freeze dry their ingredients during the manufacturing process, this one uses juice extracts instead. They have a higher nutrient density in comparison. The supplement is non-GMO and 100% vegan. No added fillers or sweeteners have been included.

Taste, Miscibility

The recommendation is to take one scoop and mix it in your favorite beverage. Water is the standard, and its miscibility is quite good. One scoop equals around 6 grams, and it only takes some light stirring to achieve that even consistency. The taste is very likeable. It starts off as somewhat grassy, but balances out into a rich delectable flavor thanks to the berries. The texture itself is fine too.


With its elaborate ingredients list, one would expect each serving to be really nutrient dense, but that is far from the reality. With only six grams per scoop, the result is somewhat underwhelming, not in terms of taste, but rather, the perceived effectiveness. Other products have a much higher serving, which is essentially what any customer would be looking for in a supplement of this class. This means that ORAC-Energy is ineffective when it comes to meal replacement. For most buyers, this is the main takeaway- that it just does not pack enough punch to best what other competitors have to buy. However, it is hard to find a product with a more comprehensive ingredients list than this. You get a more proliferative antioxidant panel to work with, regardless of how many grams of it you get per serving.


The market abounds with vegetable supplements, and this offering from Paradise Herbs is worthy of considerations. It only has one apparent shortcoming, and the price is not very prohibitive. Sure, you might get more grams per serving with other products in its class, but you won’t find the same high quality juice and herbal extracts that ORAC-Energy has. It can be considered as a superfood simply because of the sum of its parts.

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