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Stimulant free supplement to enhance your focus and increase energy

  • The label says unflavored but it’s kinda sour. Bleah, not to my liking.
  • I felt more of the enhanced focus, than having more energy as promised by the supplement.
  • I like this as it’s stimulant free, no caffeine.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Primaforce Alcar Acetyl-L-Carnitine Unflavored

Editor’s Review

Weight lifters, athletes, fitness fans, dieters etc., often struggle with their energy levels. Most supplements, however, tend to rely on caffeine to produce the desired boost. Not all of them, fortunately. Primaforce has come up with a nice innovation to avoid that and especially to ensure a steady flow of energy, without the crash.

The Product

Alcar Acetyl-L-Carnitine from Primaforce aims to shine through two aspects: potency and purity. It is meant to help athletes improve their performance but also to be a precious aid in weight loss efforts through the support it provides when one is feeling weak. Thanks to its ingredients (many to get involved in important cellular functions), it also enhances one’s ability to focus, without packing any caffeine.

What it is based on is the non-essential amino acid Carnitine, now in a different form. It is acetylated, which leads to the Acetyl-L-Carnitine compound assimilated by the body, providing a steady dose of extra energy for hours to come. The supplement is recommended during diets that don’t provide you with much energy. In better terms, this will make your body better when you are on a restrictive diet. If you are training hard, this will still be your fuel and support.


Surprisingly, Primaforce Alcar is an affordable product, especially considering how long it lasts: prices are between $35 and $24. A container may have only 250 grams, but can meet a total of 500 servings because these are so small. This may last for about 250 days, but it depends on how many servings you have per day or how often you feel like going for this form of energy supplementation.

Taste and Mixability

Mix one scoop (serving size) with water or a flavored drink. As for the product’s taste, the label says ‘unflavored’, yet this is rather untrue. It has a sour taste so it would be better to mix it not with water, but with some sweet juice to diminish that sharp sensation in case you don’t fancy it. It contains no sugar.


Primaforce Alcar is a dietary supplement that gives one much needed energy to use throughout the day. This isn’t and shouldn’t be a daily use product. Simply take it only when you must have some extra energy, otherwise your system may get used to the substance and require more for a full effect. One scoop per day will usually suffice, but you may take up to 3 of these. Never go beyond that, though.

The effect isn’t maybe as strong as expected. However, you will feel that you get the needed support throughout the day. You may see that it works better along with caffeine. Whatever your routine is, try to have this only in the morning.

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