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Taste great but needs proper storage

  • Candy like texture and taste.
  • Excellent flavor. Not sour as some people reviewed.
  • Halfway through using it, the product ‘melted’. The gummies stick to each other. I kept it in my cabinet. I recommend store it somewhere cooler.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Rainbow Light Gummy Vitamin C Slices

Editor’s Review

Rainbow Light has been excellent at producing natural multivitamin blends and formulas that target various conditions. The manufacturer makes potent supplements, also focusing on more pleasant, easier ways to consume these. These gummy vitamins are no exception.

The Product

The Rainbow Light Gummy Vitamins C Slices represent a formulation that is already well known. You will figure this out by the huge numbers of reviews this product has gathered on the web. There are a few solid reasons why it is so.  Besides the natural fruit taste, each of these jellies has a content of 250 mg Vitamin C and is enriched with natural Vitamin E. Besides taking part in a host of vital bodily functions, these vitamins are supporting the immune function, too. They will be especially tempting to children and teenagers, so they will feel motivated to take their vitamin supplement day after day.


A container has a total of 90 gummies and is priced between $12.49 and $5.99 on iHerb.


This is described as “tangy orange flavor”. It’s the Mandarin orange with a sweet and sour taste, due to 100% natural flavorings. Consider 3 gummies the maximum serving size for an adult. Thus, the container will last for 30 days but you can surely take less than that.


Rainbow Light created a natural supplement to boost your Vitamin C and E levels and thus attract a whole series of amazing health benefits. The main one is that of improving one’s immunity. It also has an effect on the skin and cartilages, on all ligaments and capillaries.

The Vitamin C quantity in this one is impressive. For this reason, you don’t really need to stick to the maximum recommended serving size of 3 gummies when one or two would be just about enough. In any case, recent studies show that Vitamin C should be consumed in larger amounts to experience a most positive effect (especially when certain conditions already exist). Therefore, there isn’t a real danger of overdosing and 3 pieces may be a good idea. Along with this, the Vitamin E quantity covers 40% of the estimated daily needs. The product is also suitable to children, but not to those who are under 4 years old.

A gummy must be chewed well and then swallowed. These are very tasty jellies sweetened with cane sugar and glucose syrup. Overall these are well balanced. Also, the coloring comes from paprika, so it is 100% natural and harmless. The ingredient list further includes gelatin, citric acid, soy derivatives and vegetable oil among others. In one serving, you will get 36 calories, 8 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugars.

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