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Strengthen your core with this Abs Roller

  • Excellent choice of equipment for getting your core stronger and firmer.
  • Works out of the box. Easy to use and assemble.
  • If you want to thicken your abs muscle, resistance training is still best.

Duration length of product testing: 1 week

Roller Abs

Editor’s Review

Weight lifters, athletes, fitness fans, dieters etc., often struggle with their energy levels. Most supplements, however, tend to rely on caffeine to produce the desired boost. Not all of them, fortunately. Primaforce has come up with a nice innovation to avoid that and especially to ensure a steady flow of energy, without the crash.

The Product

The fitness equipment range is not all about heavy machines. There are small, versatile, light and manageable products that are ideal for a home gym, if you’re not the kind to go out for a workout. The challenge is to find the ones that are durable and made of high-quality materials.

The Product

It is a wheel shaped tool provided with a double handle (or, better said, one handle on each side), so it can be grabbed with both hands at the same time. This is ideal for a nice abs workout and more. It will tone and define your muscles around your core area, plus the arms. Facing the floor, use this as a support and move it backward and forward to tone your abs and core muscles, as well as your arms and shoulders. This is a very smart piece of fitness equipment that works on many muscle groups at once, also ensuring proper stretching. It is suitable to anyone, regardless of their skill. This means you don’t have to be a seasoned gym goer to put this piece of equipment to good use.


An item like this is surprisingly cheap – a mere $10 if you buy it online.


The wheel for abs trains your abdominal muscles, along with other parts. It will have an indirect strengthening effect on your legs, too. It ensures great stability thanks to its handles and can replace your usual stretching efforts. With this wheel you can exercise your abs and core muscles without risking to hurt your back. The result will be a stronger core and a better posture, with more ability to handle your other workouts.

An abs wheel can be easily incorporated to a Crossfit workout. You may be using your toes or your knees for support. This exercise wheel is made of quality plastic and rubber, thus being resistant and easy to grab and control. It isn’t heavy at all and it can be carried around with you. It can be used on a great variety of floors thanks to its grip – it does not slip.

There may be a legitimate concern about this kind of workout though: the pressure on the wrists. Fortunately, holding the wheel comes easily and there won’t be any damage. Of course, it is important to avoid overdoing it, just keep your workouts balanced.

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