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Packed full of multi-grain goodies

  • Taste like any other thins or rice cakes I’ve eaten.
  • The thins is pretty tough, doesn’t break that easily.
  • Filled up my hunger pangs.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Rude Health Organic Multigrain Thins

Editor’s Review

Good nutrition is largely based on high-quality grains. These provide intense nourishment that lasts and give the body the strength and energy it needs. However, there is one issue with the market. There are many apparently healthy cereal or grain bars, crackers or thins, but the ingredients are not exactly organic and truly beneficial. It’s hard to find a formula that matches what’s written on the label and what’s expected by consumers. But the Organic Multigrain Thins from Rude Health is a breed apart. This fulfills the promise of healthy and nourishing thins.

The Product

Rude Health created thins that are made of five types of grains, all coming from organic farms. Very low in fat content, these are suitable to individuals on a diet. They are robust yet easy-to-chew thins suitable for various preparations. You may see their actual thickness by looking at the package, as it displays the thins inside.

The product is high in fiber and is also gluten free, being thus suitable for people with allergies. The provided nutritional information further reveals 6 g of carbohydrates, 0.5 g fiber and 0.6 g protein content of these thins.


If you buy Rude Health’s Organic Multigrain Thins, you get 160 g of product in one package, priced at $10. The cost may differ though, depending on the vendor. It is convenient to buy and carry with you, as it comes in good rigid cardboard packaging to protect the thins from cracking or crumbling.


The mixture of grains makes this similar to granola. However, the taste here is rounded up with a bit of sea salt. They are indeed flavorsome. However, the salt content remains small, should that be a concern. It is more like an enhancer of the natural taste of grains. The manufacturer informs that there is under 1 g of salt in 100 g of product.


The Organic Multigrain Thins are a welcome addition to both common and special diets. The grains used in these thins are puffed up so they are easy to consume. It makes for a satisfying bite, consumers saying it’s superior to rice cakes.

The combination of 5 grains ensures a large spectrum of nutrients. In addition, the energy provided by these is slowly released during digestion and fuels the body for a longer while. These thins can be the basis of any snack, being compatible with so many foods. There is no guilt about it whatsoever, since it doesn’t feel the body with any noxious additives and doesn’t produce any fat to worry about. In terms of energy, there are 118kJ per thin, with only 28 kcal.

For complete information on the product, one should read the label carefully and take into account possible food type interactions and allergies.

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