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Sports drink with good amount of servings on-the-go

  • It dissolves really well and instantly.
  • I’m not crazy about the taste. Very artificial aspect to it.
  • I like to call it carbo rush when I drink such supps. You can immediately feel rejuvenated after downing this.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Science In Sport GO Electrolyte

Editor’s Review

Readily made sports drinks can be purchased anywhere, but can you be sure they have the right dosage of minerals and vitamins? If those were as effective as claimed, it would be so easy for athletes to fuel themselves during trainings. In any case, you must have a sports drink at hand because it does much more than coffee. It doesn’t just make your heartbeat faster and speed you up, but actually gives your body the support it needs, in form of energy and electrolytes.

The Product

Science in Sport came up with a special formulation to make you a better performer. Its GO Electrolyte powder has 36 g carbs and electrolytes per serving, plus selected maltodextrin. It can be mixed with water and will keep one hydrated during training, ensuring a quick energy boost right when it’s needed. Also, it will provide relief from some issues caused by intense training or rough conditions: cramps, heat, migraine, exhaustion, dehydration symptoms.


Science in Sport wants to make this affordable, so it gave it a friendly price tag. Expect to be paying between approximately $7 and $10 for a container of 500 g. You also have the option to buy 1600 g if you’re already into it, which costs between $15 and $24.

Taste and Mixability

The powder created by SIS is easy to dissolve so you can create your own electrolyte drinks. For a strong one, use two scoops in 500 ml water. For short duration or low intensity activity, you may use half of the serving.

SIS flavored its product with the standard Lemon & Lime, a combination we’ve seen with other supplements, too. You also have alternatives – there are the Blackcurrant, Raspberry and Tropical flavors, if you’re looking for variety. The recipe involves sweeteners and result in the taste feeling a little artificial.


SIS GO Electrolyte is a supplement that’s targeted at athletes, including vegan ones. It simply works like a fast acting fuel. Just take it whenever you need it – this is effective even when racing, so it’s a highly reliable formulation. What it does is to provide energy from carbohydrates. Thus, it sustains high levels of energy, as required by intense sports activities. If you are lifting weights, you’ll be able to do that for longer and with added intensity. The same goes with cycling, running and so on. You will not get cramps and you will stay active for longer.

This is an ideal solution when you are looking for something to fuel you quickly – on the go, actually. On the back label of the container you have all the product information in detail so you can see what exactly you’re getting.

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