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Maximize your protein intake with a better quality protein source

  • I love it every time when I open the tin, it smells like caramel popcorn.
  • Although it scores well in the smell department, the taste faltered. Mixing was fine, no issues.
  • Still I got good gains when I was on this.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Solgar Whey To Go Whey Protein Powder

Editor’s Review

Solgar has been on the market since 1947. The company has been creating solutions for lacto-vegetarians. These solutions are represented by scientifically advanced products for muscle enhancement, and are available in concentrated, optimized form to supplement the diet of hard training athletes. The Solgar whey protein powder which we are going to discuss makes it easy to reach one’s daily protein intake when faced with intensive training.

The Product

Whey to Go from Solgar is a whey protein isolate powder with the complete profile of essential amino acids. The product is engineered for high protein availability and utilization. This powder is processed at low temperatures, which preserves the goodness of its ingredients, keeping them unaltered. It contains no gluten and no artificial sweeteners, but is well enriched with soy lecithin and polypeptides.
The label of Whey to Go reveals an impressive list of essential and non-essential amino-acids. The formula includes free-form Glutamine and BCAAs.


The standard quantity is of 340 g or 12 oz. Solgar’s Whey to Go protein powder comes in a container usually priced at $20, but the lucky ones may obtain it at the discounted price of $16 – it depends where you buy it from. Considering a serving size of 25 g, you have 14 servings per container. It’s up to you to make the calculations and see whether this is suitable to you or not.


This whey protein powder is like most other products in its range in terms of taste. It is enriched with vanilla flavor that is naturally extracted and is rather discreet, also benefiting of an added hint of caramel. The taste is not overpowering and therefore the powder can be easily mixed with your favorite juice, with milk or even with water. You will need to shake it vigorously to combine all elements well.


Whey has a high biological value and is considered to contain one of the best types of protein for humans. At the same time, it is a natural source of amino acids. With 20 g of protein in one serving, this concentrate is one of the richest, most effective protein powders on the market. The whey protein concentrate in this powder is hydrolyzed, which means that it is partially ‘digested’, making absorption a lot easier. Thus, your body will consume fewer resources for protein digestion. Moreover, the formulation slows down the breakdown rate of stressed muscles and feeds muscular tissue with elements that are converted into energy.

Use it only as supplement and not for weight reduction purposes, although it is fat-free. As for the calorie count, it all depends in the end with what you mix it with. Naturally, sugar-rich juice or milk will have a higher caloric value.

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