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A comprehensive bibliography of weight lifting and the bodybuilding lifestyle.

  • This book is not too technical, lifting newbies will not be lost.
  • Slightly out-dated. There has been new developments in terms of training in terms of quality.
  • This book is ideal for those starting out and up to age 30’s athletes. Masters or veteran bodybuilders you’ll need to look elsewhere as this book preaches excessive volume training which may not appeal to old geezers like me.

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The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding The Bible of Bodybuilding

Editor’s Review

The updated New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger represents amazing bodybuilding coverage, meant for all kinds of athletes and suitable to every level of training. For an unexpected low price you get 800 pages filled with stories, advice, explanations and photos, plus the latest theories to help weight lifters, along with nutrition and psychology news, injury prevention and so on.

It is a classic in every sense of the word.

This book is truly a classic. It does not advertize a unique approach but rather inspires each individual to find their own way and what really works for them, so that they get to maximize their strengths. You get it all covered, from the basics of nutrition to the most advances exercises.

It may be written like a textbook, but on many occasions it’s got Arnold’s own and well-known style to address the reader directly. The contents will help one develop their own program, so it’s a personalized approach.

However, because it reaches so many topics and levels, it may not provide all the information you need. Therefore, if there is a particular topic to interest you, I suggest buying adjacent books that develop on that one.

Why is Arnold still relevant today?

After all, it’s been so long since his last competition and many of the modern day bodybuilders have muscles much bigger than his. Sportsmen still go to Arnold for advice because he got it all started, he emphasized the importance of bodybuilding and its potential, he inspired people go achieve the best they can. He was also the one to destroy mental boundaries that stand in the way of success. His Encyclopedia develops further on these topics. Plus, he doesn’t live aside any of the other successful bodybuilders, whether they were before, after him or his contemporaries.

It is the book that will show you the path to become a pro in bodybuilding.

The Encyclopedia will tell you what to do when you are a professional preparing for a competition but also advise on which way to take when you’re just starting. It’s wonderful because the beginner’s plan it contains is straight to the point and yields results, so it provides a strong motivation to continue and try more.

Arnold’s biggest book will take you to the next level out of stagnation when you hit a plateau to be in control of your physical appearance. You will definitely know what kind of helpers to get, too. In its pages you can have a look at dietary supplements and various health concerns common to athletes. This book covers virtually every topic of interest. It seems to be the only one to cover so much and to do all that is needed to get you started or get you through. Maybe this could do more for you than a personal trainer.

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