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Little know secret to better performance, UA mouthguard

  • I was skeptical at first, but the mouthguard really works.
  • I blast through my plateaus and broke PRs on couple of lifts.
  • I had a few stares in the gym using this, but I don’t care as long I continue to pile up on gains.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Under Armour ArmourBite Mouthguard

Editor’s Review

This US-manufactured mouthguard from UA Armourbite is designed for sports where there is no contact. It is based on a unique assembly of shapes and made to be worn on the lower teeth. Also, it was designed to suit the inside of the mouth and reduce the stress while training and competing. Read below for a detailed description and an account on its performance and effectiveness.

Performance and Effectiveness

This intriguing mouthguard has very smooth rubbery edges with lots of rounded contours for maximum practicality. We are talking here about the patented Power Wedges of ArmourBite, which have a pivoting effect. The jaw is pivoted forward when you are training – for example when running or lifting. This move is bound to influence the cortisol production within the body. It is reducing it, so the performance doesn’t suffer. Cortisol is a stress-related hormone. Also, this innovation helps maximize the air intake, thus improving one’s endurance level, as well as making their reactions speedier and so on.

This comfortable piece ideally spaces the teeth and makes sure that when you clench there is no harm done. It does more than just creating some space between the teeth – it actually moves the jaw forward when needed. Moreover, it does not affect the sound. The wearer can speak normally while wearing the mouthpiece.

There’s even more of an advantage with ArmourBite- no more worries about the size. Mouthguards that come in a unique size are very hard to be a good match to most sportsmen because of obvious differences. This model can feel more like a custom-made one. It is available in medium and large size, so you can pick the mouthguard that really suits you. The medium-sized model is normally suitable to younger athletes, teenagers especially.


You can buy the ArmourBite mouthguard for $29.99. Note that it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Note: This is only made to prevent harmful clenching of teeth and to aid breathing. It should not be mistaken for a regular mouthpiece that covers the whole front side of the upper and lower teeth. It can, however, be purchased with a compatible piece of this kind, for complete mouth protection.


The mouthguard is only produced with one color, the so-called Taxi yellow with gray embossed details.

The verdict

In conclusion, this is a high-quality piece that prevents teeth clenching and its ill effects in a very easy, comfortable manner. It was created based on a patented technology that makes it one of a kind. As far as braces are concerned, the manufacturer says that normally these should work together. However, it is best to have an orthodontist decide if one can wear the mouthguard together with braces or not.

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