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A quality mass gainer by a trusted brand

  • Wonderful flavor
  • Works well with my sensitive bowels, no issues
  • Great leans gains when I’m on this

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Real Gains

Editor’s Review

Size is the ultimate factor that separates hardcore bodybuilders from the crowd. The science of bulking is pretty straightforward- train intensively and eat like it’s the last thing you will ever do. This is no green-light to ingest all that is within sight. Eating junk might be the path of least resistance, but it’s the path that leads to mass that is primarily fat.

There is an easier way to get your clean calories without growing your adipose tissues. While putting on a little fat is inconsequential when bulking, you can build enough muscle to eclipse it. Universal Real Gains has made this possible.

The Ultimate Bulking Formula

Formulated by Universal Nutrition, Real Gains is the catalyst designed to help bodybuilders add lean muscle weight. It has a comprehensive macronutrient profile that addresses all your bulking needs. It is the abundance of quality proteins, complex carbs and essential fatty acids that makes Real Gains so special.

The protein blend comprises of slow-releasing (micellar casein) and fast releasing (whey) to ensure your body is never deprived of those amino acids critical in protein synthesis. Maltodextrin is slow digesting, providing a constant supply of glucose for many hours. Inulin is an indigestible dietary fiber that ascertains that digestion is slow and comprehensive. This enhances nutrient absorption as the supplement passes through the GI tract. The essential fatty acids (EFAs) are critical in forestalling inflammation and boosting cellular functions.


ON has a reputation of being pricey, but bulking supplements are usually affordable. Real Gains will set you back less than $25 for the 3.8lbs container, and considering the ingredients used, it offers real value.

Taste and Miscibility

The array of flavours will have your taste buds in a happy mood. The supplement is easy on the palate regardless of what you mix it with. A blender is recommended when you constitute it, but even with a shaker bottle, you won’t have any visible clumps left behind if you give it a good shake.

It is evident that a lot of science has been involved in the making of Real Gains. Universal Nutrition maintains that it is the ideal blend for those hardgainers who want to take their physiques to previously uncharted levels. It works as well as advertised, if customer reviews are anything to go by. Best results are derived when the supplement is coupled with a progressively intensive workout. 1 serving taken two times a day is the recommended intake.

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