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Aid your meal with this complete MRP

  • Complete nutritional profile.
  • I always have a packet or two of this in my bag, very handy at times when you’ve to OT.
  • Nothing spectacular about its taste, I just gulp it down with no issues or mixing troubles.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Universal Nutrition Uni-Syn

Editor’s Review

It is common knowledge that you need to eat five to six meals a day to sustain an active physique. It is not always possible to meet this quota especially if you have a busy schedule. That’s where meal replacement supplements come in. They bridge those nutritional gaps by providing an alternative that is just as good as a solid meal.

Universal Nutrition surmised that the market was missing a truly complete nutritional supplement. The company envisioned creating a more comprehensive shake that could offer you the full nutrient profile to sustain your active body. This goal was achieved through Uni-Syn.

The product

Featuring an elaborate profile of 26 vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and a sating 44g of high quality protein, Uni-Syn is the nutritional supplement designed to outclass all others. Featuring an advanced nutrition delivery system, this dense MRP offering represents one big step over other primitive options that contained undesirable fillers and refined sugars.


The product is offered in a 2.5lb container that retails for about $23.00. There is also a 20 packet option that is only $12 more. This is good value since each serving will offer you the nutritional goodness of a meal.


Delectability is one of the outstanding characteristics of this MRP. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors are all available. The shakes, which are easy to constitute, are very easy on the palate without being overly sweet.


A quick glance at the ingredient profile is enough to suggest the sheer quality of the product. Its unique blend that combines a bioffecient protein matrix and glucose polymers ensure you get only the best nutritionally. Uni-Syn will boost your performance and help you along as you strive for your personal fitness goals.

Anyone looking to address any deficiencies in their meal plan will find Uni-Syn very compelling. It is easy on the pocket, it is tasty, and its ability to bridge your nutritional gaps is virtually guaranteed.

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