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A perfect gym accessory to isolate your tricep heads

  • I don’t like the rubber ends, it gives me discomfort when I place my hands there, especially on heavier weight loads.
  • The thickness of the rope just doesn’t feels right to me, maybe because I have small hands.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Valeo Tricep Rope

Editor’s Review

A pair of well-toned arms is one of the marks of a true, passionate bodybuilder. To have those enviable, defined muscular arms, you need a dedicated arms day. Both your biceps and triceps need to be exercised equally and sufficiently. Biceps with peaks are best complemented by some horseshoe triceps.

Tricep Exercises

There’s certainly a wide range of triceps exercises. Tricep pushdowns are among the most familiar ones. This routine perfectly isolates the triceps, allowing you to achieve a full range of motion that targets each of the three muscles in the group.

Valeo Tricep Rope

The nylon coated rope is 28 inches long with rubber ends and an attachment that is chrome-plated for durability. It is highly versatile as it connects with any gym system. Unlike a bar that can tire the wrist joints when moving a heavy weight, this rope allows you to have a firmer grip. This can increase the results you get with your other triceps and even biceps movements such as kickbacks and curls. The rope also assists in increasing flexibility and grip strength and in developing shoulder and back muscles.

The versatility of the Valeo Tricep Rope is pleasing. Regardless of the pulley system that you use it with, the rope will attach without a fuss. The sturdiness of the rope is also appreciable, as it is not weakened when used to push heavy weights.

For $20, give or take, the rope is reasonably priced and is keenly recommended. For a piece of equipment that can fuel your quest for more aesthetic triceps, it is hardly expensive.

All in all the Valeo Tricep Rope is a valuable accessory to have in your home gym. With its unquestionable quality and awesome functionality, it will make you look forward to arms day with greater enthusiasm.

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