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Chewable Vitamin D3 on-the-go

  • It’s not exactly chewable texture like a gummy, it’s more like a rigid tablet. You can suck on it though.
  • The taste is alright, I detect the fruity flavor but there’s also a chalky taste and aftertaste. Nothing that would wanna make you hurl, it’s decent taste.
  • I take this to have a peace of mind that my Calcium supplementation is covered.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

21st Century Health Care 600 D3 Plus Minerals Chewables

Editor’s Review

With the less-than-perfect diets and questionable lifestyle choices, it is often hard to find ways to get all that calcium and Vitamin D the body needs daily. Most products on the market do not have real strength because they don’t pack enough of the active ingredients. When looking for a supplement of great potency, it’s impossible not to feel compelled to try the 600 + D3 Plus Minerals from 21st Century Health Care.

The Product

This high-quality dietary supplement with a chewy texture is packed with Vitamin D3 in its Cholecalciferol form, in the amount of 800IU per serving. The formulation is helpful for teeth, bones, cartilage but also for the colon. This is a complex formula, as it is enriched with minerals. You get 600 mg of Calcium Carbonate, which represents 60% of the optimal daily dose. Also, there’s 40 mg of Magnesium, which means an important quantity of this vital element. You also benefit of significant quantities of Zinc, Copper and Manganese.


This US-made supplement comes in containers of 75 tablets. You can buy these under $6 and purchasing more can get you bigger discounts.

Taste and Directions

The refreshing taste of these tablets is achieved through natural and artificial flavors alike. It’s meant to taste like “fruit punch” and may leave an aftertaste.

One chewable tablet is considered a serving size and is enough to take one of these each day, during a meal, for proper absorption. The mentioned dosage should not be exceeded, although to people may be advised to take two tablets daily.


The supplement addresses important health issues that affect the population on a large scale these days. It was tested in the laboratory and deemed as suitable to young people, to adults and to the elderly as well. 21st Century Health Care managed to surpass many other known brands with this supplement. It acts on the bones and teeth, but also on the cartilages. Thus, it is of great support to very active people too, like athletes.

Vitamin D has a very positive effect on the body in general. However, it does not have the same effect on all people. The results depend on the person’s health, dietary habits and lifestyle. The more active one is the better. The calcium gets into the bones and muscle as needed and doesn’t generate random formations. Note that each tablet covers 200% of what was established as the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D3. Despite of being so potent, it comes at a decent price compared to similar supplements. The concentration and the price are definitely huge advantages, along with the manufacturer’s reputation as a reliable supplement producer with a solid history in the industry.

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