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Gone are the days of carrying multiple bags

  • Kept my food cold.
  • Plenty of pockets and compartment, big enough to fit everything.
  • Long lasting quality bag material.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

6 Pack Fitness Voyager 500 Backpack

Editor’s Review

Few backpacks can be able to adequately satisfy the needs of the fit person. With life getting ever so busy, the ideal backpack needs to handle demands that come with this kind of lifestyle on the go. From carrying all day meals to exercise gear and everything in-between, the expectation bar is raised pretty high; but not too high for the 6 Pack Fitness Voyager 500 backpack.

It took around 27 days to be delivered after I first ordered 6 Pack Fitness Voyager 500 Backpack on eBay. There was an initial hiccup of the item being out of stock, but the seller promised to reduce the price for a longer waiting time, for which he didn’t.

So my recommendation, buy from the official website at http://www.sixpackbags.com. eBay have dodgy sellers at times.


Once the bag was in my hands I was ecstatic as it finally arrived. The convenience of storing your food prep, lugging all your gym items and more all in one bag.

For a bag that strives to meet the demands of your entire fitness lifestyle, the Voyager 500 takes its job seriously. It’s purposed to be the go-to backpack for the generation that is in love with fitness. Whether you are a professional athlete, or a fitness enthusiast, you will be satisfied with the offerings of this well-thought out product from 6 Pack Fitness.

Enough Space

An insulated modular core keeps your meals organized, while the included gel packs ensure they remain fresh for over 8 hours. The main compartment is roomy enough to hold your workout clothes, while the expandable bottom provides space to hold them in their damp state. There are more compartments to hold everything from your wallet and keys to your workout shoes. Side pockets hold your water bottles, while 6 preloaded containers help with supplement organization.

It delivered as promised by 6 Pack Fitness, with all its nifty features. It was really convenient for me compared to previously I had to bring an extra side bag for my items.

Although the size of the bag can be challenging on public transport. So be careful who you back into or swinging your bag at. You could be the receiving end of a lawsuit, just kidding, haha.

Yes it looks huge, but looks can be deceiving, it’s actually pretty light. If you lift, you’ll probably won’t have any problems with it.

Comfort and Stability

Fleece-line technology features heavily in the laptop and eyewear compartments. For comfort, the Voyager 500 has deluxe padded shoulder and back strap, and for stability, the strap features an adjustable mechanism.

The straps are also snug. I found no discomfort when carrying my bag and all the item weight it supports. To find that right feeling spot for carrying the bag, just adjust the strap, easy.

I tested the storing capabilities of this bag. Considering the hot humid weather where I’m staying my chicken, potatoes, fruit and veggies are still kept cold hours later.

Incredibly Light

When you spend time with this backpack, you will agree that it has no inadequacies. It is extremely likeable, from its ergonomics to the abundance of features, which surprisingly, don’t add any weight, as it is incredibly light.

The material on this bag is made to last. It looks tough and durable. At times I had to shove the bag into compartments during my flights, upon landing and checking, no scratches or damage.

Take note however, the zipper can at times can be tough to use. Just nudge it with an extra tug and it should be fine.

For the community of people who have accepted that easy will no longer suffice, this is the backpack for you. Your trips to the gym will be more exciting when you have Voyager 500 by your side.

Using this bag enhanced and changed my life, it will for yours too.

Your fitness pal