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Vest with removable weights to bring your resistance training to the next level.

  • I use this vest for my cardio sessions such as walks and staircase training.
  • Pretty uncomfortable when all 20kg is fully loaded and utilised.
  • My advice, air it and put it in the sun after every workout. Trust me, do this if you don’t want the vest smell funky.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Adjustable Weight Vest

Editor’s Review

Why do we talk so little about weight vests? After all, these so-called power vests are so convenient and feel much better than dipping belts. Their purpose is to intensify almost any exercise just by wearing it. This is fitness equipment you can’t be ignoring. You will still have your arms free while wearing such vest, which is excellent. Weight vests are the answer to so many questions, especially when a bodybuilder has reached a plateau. It will define one’s physique and boost the endurance, as well as the muscle volume. You can fit weight plates into the vest pockets and that’s it, you can start your powered up routine.

The Product

This 20kg Adjustable Weight Vest are for bodybuilders and for committed athletes in need of extreme muscle pumping workouts. The special pockets make it possible to transform this accessory into a heavy duty piece of equipment for serious bodybuilders. A fully loaded vest means 20 additional kg to carry around when exercising. You may use up to 20 plates in 1 kg pieces. Sure, no one has to start with a full load. The vest is for resistance training and you can customize it as you wish. This means you may start with a very small load. Also, the vest can be easily adjusted and can be successfully used indoors as well as outdoors.


The Adjustable Weight Vest of 20 kg can be made lighter or heavier, depending on your level of training. By adding more weights it pushes you through the plateau stages, triggering superior muscle development. The positioning of the pockets ensure that the weight is distributed evenly and that the body stays well balanced while moving about. It allows for various movements and lets you train the whole body. It can be safely said that this is the greatest advantage: being loaded with extra kilos while having unhindered freedom of movement to carry out a full workout routine. With this added weight on your torso, you can engage in leg or arm exercises and experience a new dimension of weight training.

There is no need to look for a specific size because this one is supposed to fit pretty much anyone. The vest fits well around the torso and is well sewn for maximum reliability. Athletes wearing it on a constant basis can develop incredible power and mass in a much shorter time span than without this extra weight. The vest is also great for fat loss but is not suitable to this goal alone. It should be avoided when there is no weight training history. Only weight trainers need apply, because any additional load must be supported by the existing muscles.

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