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Lose weight and build muscle with these high quality liquid egg white protein

  • The taste was surprisingly fine. I thought it would taste nasty but I find myself gulping it down with no qualms.
  • You can get any better high quality source of protein than these. I love how it contains no fat, excellent for my lean bulking phase.
  • It’s very convenient to order and the delivery guy is friendly. Hassle-free secure payment.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Albu-Man Liquid Egg White Protein

Editor’s Review

Egg-based foods are among the dietary options that will help bodybuilders with their main two goals: building lean muscle and losing fat. This is now achieved in a healthier, more natural way, without all the additives and artificial powders. The best solution was found in egg whites. With Albu-man, this is just like nature intended it.

The Product

The Albu-man Liquid Egg White Protein was meant to unleash one’s natural strength and is made of 100% pasteurized egg whites. The product is manufactured in Singapore without any additives or preservatives. The eggs come from local farms only. The whites can become a food staple compatible to almost any diet. This liquid egg white is a Halal product, so no worries for Muslims. In addition, it is beneficial to athletes and any fitness enthusiasts, as there are 11 grams of protein per 100 grams of product. It is thus an excellent choice if you are looking for additions to your protein-rich diet.


You can buy online one litre for $25 but also bigger quantities, namely 5 litres ($110) and 10 litres ($200). The prices are in Singapore dollars. A serving size is of 122 g, which is about 1/2 cup. You have about 8 servings in a small bottle.

Taste and Mixability

Egg whites have a neutral taste and go with many things. You will get used to it quickly. This is a highly versatile form of protein and can be used in a variety of dishes, as well as drinks and shakes. They may be used raw (it’s completely safe) but also cooked – in fried or baked foods etc.


Albu-man simply delivers egg whites, without processing or adding/subtracting anything. This is a transparent brand that aims to earn the trust of all its clients. In this product there is no content of fat, nor carbohydrates and only 60 calories per serving. Egg whites are suitable to those who are on a diet, as they will not compromise their efforts. Also, don’t worry about cholesterol because there isn’t any in this.

This dietary option is completely safe. Through the double pasteurizing process, any existing bacteria are killed, because this implies high temperatures. This doesn’t get the egg white cooked though. Besides, the yolks and whites separation is done in a mechanical way and not with chemicals.

The product can be used by bodybuilders, as well as by anyone who needs a certain protein intake or simply a quick protein element to be added to their meals and drinks. It’s good for diabetics because it has no carbs and can be refrigerated or frozen. It will still taste fresh and work well in any dish.

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