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Solution to increase performance and recovery

  • A tub lasted longer than I expected.
  • When stacked with other supps, it gave a nice thick texture to the shake. Taste good too.
  • The supp doesn’t stick as some other carbs supplement

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

All American EFX Karbolyn

Editor’s Review

All American EFX is a brand relatively unknown to the market. This is because it has a very small range of products (fitness supplements). However, anyone who has discovered and tried it knows why it is this way: because the company takes time to develop high quality supplements that deliver the expected results. It is time to have a look at one of these products.

The Product

Karbolyn from All American EFX is a bio engineered, high performance carbohydrate supplement aimed at those who work hard at the gym and need a great dose of energy for their muscles. It is said to ‘hyper-load the muscle with Glycogen, which enhances the performance, maximizes endurance and powers up the recovery. Glycogen represents glucose molecules in the form the body prefers to have it. Glucose results from carbohydrates. This is advantageous when paired with a weight loss regimen or a low carb diet, since it gets to replenish glucose levels. Karbolyn comes with the benefits of the so-called “sustained release mechanism”, allowing Glycogen to be delivered to the tissue for the duration of 2 hours. It provides extra energy without the use of stimulants.


One container of Karbolyn costs from SG$72 to SG$110 if you buy it online. The product weighs 4.4 lbs or 2 kg, which means you’re getting enough for at least a month.

Taste and Mixability

Karbolyn is engineered to have a neutral taste. Thus, it can be mixed with any suitable drink.


This American-made supplement aims to be a powerhouse, as it delivers 50 g of pure carbohydrate in one serving. It is a versatile glucose source that can be taken for three purposes. Thus, you may consume it as a pre-workout fuel, to boost your energy and have a better performance at the gym. Then, you may also drink it during your training session, for amazing intensity and greater endurance. Finally, the product can be consumed post-workout if you wish to recover quickly.

Karbolyn is safe to take and will make you forget about the common stimulants or energizers, as it comes without the side effects of caffeine or sugar. It does not cause any spike followed by a low, although it is quickly absorbed by the body.

There is no fat, no sodium, no sugar and no banned substances in Karbolyn. The powder has a uniform aspect, mixes well and does not clump, like many other products of this kind do. The only downside is that, in spite of getting a large 2 kg container, it will not last too long. There are only about 40 servings in there, so you may have to make your calculations and figure out for yourself if it’s worth buying or not.

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